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It’s like you’re talking from experience :blush:


Lol… I won’t use ‘love’ anymore in public :joy:

If you ask me, na who I go ask?


:joy::joy: so it’s true. Some women just don’t care much for men. They just want the sperm.


I’ve been there I think…I’m just used to it. You always remember to pull out and if you don’t, there is medication for that.


For me, the love I had for the dude died after scan showed the baby was a boy. Everything he did was just annoying and irritating

Sometimes, yes


Some men don’t know what they have.


Hmmmm :roll_eyes:


They end up realizing late






Just got me thinking.


Well, he was already annoying and I was trying to be a good girl cos of his family but the moment I heard “it’s a boy” the feelings and all died


What changed your mind ?


Finally, a boy to give all the love to, can’t be sharing it with one ^@^#:;$ na

So kill one and give the other 100%


Makes sense.


@geezybee @Judy @Aje @W.O @Yeye @Youralibi1 @mira , my daughters @Kiitan and @Kachie come and see gist they are hiding inside this thread.


I’ve been following o, I’m just sipping my tea :grinning:


My brother I have milk oh, let’s make more tea. Me I’m scrolling up and down.


Go and continue sipping it


Sure would :grin::grin: