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What is levonogestrel?



All these children of Zegist talking about condom.

That’s how @Komolafe_Daniel was giving gist that he could smell condom in the VJ of his girlfriend in this post.

@NaijaLander @Monique and @theunofficialomotayo, can you enlighten us on that one abeg. I just refused to talk about it in that post. How does condom smell? @lifeofesse, especially, wanted to know.


@evansakanno The Chief Town Crier wehdone sir

@geezybee You’re half way to the answer already (since you’re online), just open a tab on your phone and use google.

@Yeye Which enlightenment are you looking for?


Your words are self explanatory, so I prefer your own answer.


I just tire, ordinary question that I asked turned to something else.




wow we have spent the last few posts debating about condoms and then next post shows up and it’s still about condoms.

Is this a sign ?


Where’s the condom post?


My most recent post with the cheetah.


Sorry jare, my head is upside down at the moment


pele dear. I hope you had a good day today :slight_smile:








I tell you!


So true! I can be there for an hour with my phone :joy::joy::joy:


i even take reading materials there to be very comfortable, say, magazine, novel