Bad Sharp Guys in Computer Village


A man goes to Computer Village to purchase an iPhone, look at what he found in the package :scream:. What is this? That is not even a Nokia phone.

Just look at it! I can imagine the trauma :weary:.

All these stories I hear about Computer Village sef, God please o, let me not fall victim.

Who has experienced this level of scam before?



Lol! It’s not computer village’s fault oh. A manufacturer has tried to imitate the iPhone so that the poor folks who crave to have a feel can. Remember those years of the revolutionary China phones? There were hundreds of clones and people were wooed into buying a different thing from what they had bargained for, while some people knew they were China phones and yet go for them probably because of their cheap prices. The man in question must be in the later category. Trust me!


85% of those that fall for this kind of scam are the greedy type. They want to use iPhone 6S but only have 30k.
@Yeye, you’ll likely be a victim if you have “ojúkòkòrò” (Greed in Yoruba)


lmao! “ojúkòkòrò”


I can’t fit shout o!
That’s why i go to recognised phone dealers to buy like slot or edge and the rest ,but its slot always for me.
Bros sorry o!..try again next time but at a recognised phone dealer outlet.


:joy: :joy:


Wait…I forgot to laugh about this
This is more than hilarious, an iPhone with antenna? Apple should take a cue from these guys mehn


Lolz… :joy: the guy that bought this trash of a phone might have bought it for 15k or less, truly greed as @Oluwarufus said… Yep @brownsucre you know the real deal, my current smartphone is from slot, four months now, no problem at all just loving it.


@ rufus ,i think say na only me see the antenna o! Lolz.
That guy must have come from the rural part of his village and must have seen the antenna that looks like the one on the radio that the whole villagers use to listen to masquerade(drama)…I mean do they still air that programme ??
Don’t mind me ,I’m just been funny…lolz


Yes oo @ Enigma ,to avoid stories that touches, na to but from slot …u know wats up bro #thumbs up#



The words in the phone aren’t even in English. What a waste.


:joy: :joy::joy:

So how much en com buy am na? He probably wanted an iPhone badly but didn’t want to spend as much as its normal price. So maybe na easy come…easy go!



Lolsss…very funny. Someone bought a nokia smartphone for #6,000, from the computer village, and it was packed full of fufu (processed cassava). Literally. The young man wept as he narrated his story. He said he didn’t suspect a thing, after weighing the merchandise, it met all his requirements. He only found out when he got home. He tried to switch on the phone, when nothing happened, he opened it, and saw that he had been conned. To all those saying “it happened to him because he was greedy” better speak kindly, because…“e fit be you ooo!”:relieved:


6k fufu :tired_face:

Honestly! It can happen to anybody.

Apart from going there to purchase a new phone, you can go and repair your phone, and if you don’t keep your eyes on it, it can be swapped. Never make the mistake of agreeing with them if they tell you to come back to pick it later. OYO is your case.


True talk. Truth is, all these experiences being recounted here, will still sound like folk tales and fables to some, who think they are invincible. It takes experience to know that- it is better to err on the side of caution. When you buy a phone anywhere…please open the package, and peruse the contents of the merchandise. When fixing or repairing your phone, or gadget, please share your reservations (if you have any) with the technician. Fear not! It is your fundamental human right.


@Enigma come and carry your sister.


Hahaha… She is a verbivore kinda like as i am a verbophile.Anyway, @adaego I’m coming to carry you as @Evansakanno has requested but I hope you’re not a fufu addict :wink: so that I won’t have to visit a gym first :smile:


Lolzzz @ [quote=“Enigma, post:17, topic:1366”]

…,@enigma, you and @evansakanno are on a long thing. Fufu ain’t my thang :smile:


Can’t stop laughing pity this poor guy iphone with antenna. Wait o maybe its new product of apple I phone 7s indeed.Eeyah Sorry


Theres another new trick this boys in computer village do now. I was in a bus that day and saw a guy chasing another guy who is said to have sold a phone for him at a higher rate, some other guy came to him with the same phone he bought expensive and sold to him cheaper, so he went back to the other guy to get his money back ,since its a planned thing between those guys, now because they knew he would come back, they changed everything inside the phone and stuffed it with some things and gave him the one on cheaper rate…I learnt the way its been stuffed ,you cant know and ofcourse,they will operate the thing in your presence and after the whole transaction has been done, and everybody has gone, that is when u will now see that what u have in your hand is not a phone…so, you loose a large amount of money on an empty phone. After this guy caught up with the ‘‘Thief’’ he was held by other rogues who knew what has just happened ,pretending to be asking him what the problem was, thereby allowing the other guy escape into the ‘‘village’’. that was how that guy lost his money.
so I wont advise anybody to buy gadgets in computer village .