Bad vibes


So, I am really happy to be on this forum. ok let me go straight to the point
so i have this friend who is constantly putting me into trouble.i always try to get away from but he keeps coming back. please how do i get rid of him easily.:pray::pray::relieved:

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By the way you composed this message it seems you want to kiill your friend.
So ask yourself this questions.

  1. Is he your friend?
  2. Why does he deserve to die?
  3. Why can’t you stop communicating with him instead of trying to kill him?

I hope to see your response as soon as possible


I don’t think he’s trying to kill the guy.


I thought i could change him , but i think its the other way round🤷‍♂️


Kill him :walking_woman::walking_woman::walking_woman:


:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: We’ve got a murderer on our hands




I’m not sure why I laughed after reading your response but I did.


If you need help, contact me


Na the work wey we de do be that