Be the trend

create the trend ,be the new fashion
Let’s talk about what different people view fashion to be
Some define fashion to be all about wearing expensive outfits from the top to the wrist watch to the foot wear
Majority define fashion to be all about matching colors
And while some define it to be following the trend someone else has created
In my own opinion I see fashion to be what your comfortable with, what you feel like wearing , what you can afford and what makes you bold.
what do you guys define fashion to be.


I absoluetely agree with your stance…Fashion should be because you love it not because others are doing it. Trends change too often to disturb your life like that

To me, being fashionable is knowing what to wear and how to combine outfits to make a beautiful piece! Expensive outfit can make you look awkward if it’s not well combined. Having a lot of clothes and accessories is a thing; knowing how to combine them is a different thing! Linda ikeji is not fashionable IMO. I mean she has a lot of expensive clothes and accessories; yet she looks plain every damn time :weary:

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This got me laughing but hey! There is a difference between style and fashion. I guess, that’s her style. Her fashion sense is not suppose to please you but to please herself while being comfy in it.


Well, u are right

Awwwn thanks for the support
Atleast now I av someone convinced already to wear what they feel like when they feel like

Oh my goodness what a good example
I really love your contribution
You just made my day
Thanks alot

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Lol, personally I’ve never strived to be fashionable, really, it’s so stupid, because many trendy clothes are uncomfortable, but as for me, any clothe has to be convenient and pleasant to the touch. You know, personally I order clothes from Lily Lulu Fashion shop, and I was shocked by the fact that all my friends considered I paid a lot for these fashionable clothes, but they don’t know that these clothes are really cheap due to the fact that I bought clothes on discounts