Becoming Process


Some days ago I was in a conversation with a friend @thejosephafeosun when he made an important statement. He said “the true definition of success is when you see yourself in other people." This statement got to me, and for days I kept thinking about it.

During my thinking process, I was able to summarize the statement in one word called “Influence”.

Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

How happy will you be as a leader when all your plans are being executed well with your team members?

Super happy right?

Of course, if I’m to be the one I will be very happy, but most times things don’t always work the way we plan it to. Most times, it is not that we are not doing enough. The problem is always lack of adequate capacity to perform the task or to lead a team.

Influence plays a huge role in our becoming process. We all want to be like somebody somewhere that is living the way we like or doing the things we love. We get inspired by their lifestyle, work culture, organization systems and structures.

Most of us never think that we can perhaps be better than them in all areas of life. We never pay attention to the becoming process, we never listen to their stories (failure & success).

To be an influencer you have to pay attention to capacity development in many areas. This is when you can see other people in you.