Before making that engagement


When you read or listen to the 25 things we all need to know before getting engaged, you will be scared to make a mistake.

As every adult sees marriage as a life time issue. Nobody chooses for u your spouse. Nevertheless, a whole lot of things must be considered such as:

  • Like religion and hobbies.
  • Can he or she cope with stress?
  • How does he/,she relax?
  • His or her friends, siblings, background.
  • The way she/he spends money.
  • How many Children does he want?
  • Can he/she differentiate among like, love and lust.

What other things do you or would you consider before marriage?


Your spouse’s past. U would want to know how she /he got to where she /he is now. And also like u all know, every adult ought to av an ex somewhere. No husband-to-be likes a surprise ex. So he needs to know about him early enough.Habits, some men love male folks company , others prefer Lady friends. Some like to stop at bars before goin home. Some smoke heavy some light. Some hardly keep home tidy and dirty clothes. @pretyprexy did u do the arrangement for me? Cos I didn’t do it this way. And if its u, I must commend u.


Oh just seeing this after a long while, yes i did and thank you too…


I tot so. U are one of zegist founders. No one will go to such extent to arrange anothers piece. Even without being told I knew u were different. And where av u been? U decided to lie low for a while?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Biko, I am not o…

Just wanted it to look better.

Nah, i’ve been here… Always here… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Each time I see ur comments, my bad mood flies off quick. Cos u r always willing to lend helping hands.


:grinning::grinning: Awww… Thank you.