Best car insurance company

Currently i using Kurnia insurance and plan to change this yr. Which insurance company is the best? Also i wish to buy the insurance to cover car rental in case my car accident and need to send my car to workshop for repair and need to rent a car to work.

Any advise is appreciated.
How to save money on insurance?

i suggest LONPAC. not bad on this company.
my dad old junk car till new car also using it. FAST in term of money

Dudes, personally I’ve been using services of Total Insurance for 4 years and I’m pleased a lot. I remember when I started cooperation with them when I purchased their private hire insurance, because I became a Uber taxi driver and you know what? For these 4 years I had 2 accidents where my car was damaged. However, both of these times my car was repaired really qualitative in their own auto repair shop and as a result looked as a new one and there remained no traces of accidents) That’s I call a good insurance company :slight_smile:

I use this one They have really go options not only for car insurance but also for other types.

Best car insurance company is here Moreover, for their clients they do more services. Check time out.