Best ideas to spice up your Nigerian wedding!

Continuing the discussion from Mehn! This is wedding goals:

Here is my list of wedding effizzy

  • Weekly dance lessons from one month to the wedding
  • Tie empty tins (pangolo) on the Mercedes Benz so it will make noise as we driving.
  • At the reception play hits from the current year back to the 90s and back to the same year
  • Dance for nothing less than 3 hours at the wedding after party
  • Get super excited when I unveil her at the altar just like this guy did.

Please share some really nice ideas. Me I am tired of people treating their wedding like they are planning to marry another person later.



empty things like pangolo yeah :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


yes yes… peak milk pangolo oo… premium sturvs


Two adults that have decide to stay babies for the rest of their life​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:. I like mehn



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At @jesseosiobe wedding two years ago we made the official Yoruba Demon photo and that was a huge deal. I think people should ensure that they make their wedding a very memorable event. Some of these ideas cost nothing but it will certainly reignite the love between a couple and that could last a lifetime.


From the day I know he is the one:

I will make sure I record some of our funny but intense phone conversation to play at the wedding reception.

Sing him a song at the after party

Have a personal wedding vow for him (his church or mine should not force theirs on us I beg)

Dance to our favorite naija hit song’s at the after party

Sing our favorite worship to end the occasion.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: This cracked me up!

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Honestly, this day’s when I read something’s I am like…it’s like one’s have plan B. God forbid bad thing


Added to my list.

  • Lip sync to one of our favorite songs. Full performance
  • Drama filled day basically LOL… I love drama. might as well turn the agenda upside down (basic is boring)
  • Enough dance off sessions cos Oga had better be a stepper I am not here to play

This is important. But which kind of dance, abeg?

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I think wedding “effizies” are only a matter of personal taste.

I have a weird list that goes like this;

  • Dance lessons for the couple’s slow dance are a pre-requisite.

  • The wedding ceremony commences at 4pm, preferably outdoors

  • The reception follows afterwards as a large dinner with strictly invited guests. We can have a thanksgiving/owambe the next day, and we can invite the whole world and the village people. :joy:

  • Fireworks when it gets dark

I think I’ll save the rest for future boo and I to discuss… :grin:


LOL! I totally agree…Are you sure we are not related? I said mine might even be on a Thursday…


lol. You don’t want a work day, trust me.


People work. lol

LOL… That is the reason nah I am not sure i want many guests but I am just here wishing … Nigerian wedding is always about the family what our parents want.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: This cracked me up real bad… :rofl:

:rofl::rofl: Just reading this and i’m exhausted already… I’ll pass on this one

I want to feel this way too when i see my hubby all glamed up in that tight fitted suit… :heart_eyes:


You know right? Its a compulsory suntin :heart_eyes: May God gives us the kind of hubby that likes the spotlight…

Yes o… My voice is not only for groundnut…

That’s why she’s a church girl… I like you :kissing_heart:

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