Best ideas to spice up your Nigerian wedding!

Yassssssh… I like this one… Can’t wait!

To add to @ruthameh125 @yvonne and @ruthameh125 @Drew08 I won’t mind a lap dance only at the after parry oo… Before my beloved father will come and drag my husband away :rofl::rofl:


I think we can keep all that naughtiness for some hrs later :joy::joy: I am a shy person.

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no lap dance please. my dad won’t have it.

One of the things I wish I could do to spice up my wedding is to have a worship session during the reception. Before the entrance of couple in reception, refreshments for guests. Then entrance of the couple, cutting cake, toast and then a live worship session.


Oshey!!! @Aniekan I hope you’re jotting?

Yes ma I am

I would really love to wear a black wedding dress

But then,
I’m too dark…
Plus how will I explain it to my African mum who’s already showing me pictures of wedding gown styles that she likes and those she feels don’t fit :cry::cry:

I’ll probably save it for after party or even the traditional wedding ceremony.


Is it Aniekan wedding reception?

I want too but since everyone will think I am not happy as they believe black dress on your wedding day is not good,I will wear it for the reception. Black dress for reception.


I’m definitely doing this! I’m writing my wedding vows and he writes his too. It has to be straight from the heart


I’m not wearing a white wedding dress sef! I hate trendy things. I like doing things people don’t like :wink: it’s MY wedding not theirs. I could decide to make a wedding dress out of Ankara and hubby makes a nice suit out of Ankara too.
My friends and family won’t be surprised, they already know I don’t like to do what others are doing.


Kudos to all of you wishing to wear a black wedding dress… :+1:

cc: @ruthameh125 @Aniekan @Judy
For me, I’ll gladly do a white glittering dress with little lights so its glitters so well during the party… You know, “a drop dead gorgeous white dress” :kissing_heart:



White is beautiful too…

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I am so intimidated/inspired by this list… let’s just say I have mixed feelings like :star_struck::roll_eyes::heart_eyes::unamused::relaxed::worried: As for me oh, I prefer to do all the paparrazi before the wedding. Paparrazi like:

  • Going for a pre-wedding shoot in a village dressed like a villager and doing some village things together (this will depict for better or worse), then on Mount Kilimanjaro (this will depict “I’ll stand by you and be there for you to climb the mountains of life”), then in Dubai (this will depict “we will enjoy life together like it’s no man’s business”)
  • Dancing to “dear future husband” by Meghan Trainor during the bridal shower (I’ll invite him and his friends for an hour)

If I am left to plan my wedding ehn, it will end latest 4pm because I will purposely ask my spouse to fix our flight to Zanzibar on that day. Sometimes, I am so worried by my mentality and other times I just feel maybe that’s just the way I am supposed to be. My own introvert is one in town. I remember telling a friend that there won’t be a reception at my wedding because I just don’t see the need.

Here is how it will go if I am left to plan it:
Everyone who comes will get a small refrigerator as a souvenir because I plan to be that rich. Before the wedding, each invited guest would have picked their menu on the mini website we will create, and the food/souvenir will be shared based on what was picked by each person. Each person has their seat labelled in the church already and their souvenirs with the food in the pack will be right beside their chairs… After the pastor is done, everyone carries their gift items and goes home.
All the lovely vows, beautiful dance and everything will be done in church and that will just be all.

My mom will almost curse me if I ever mention that I want to have a wedding like this to her because she is a correct party rider… Every single person in my family loves partying except yours truly. Only God knows where me I got my own simplicity or “weirdness” from. I just hope I don’t marry a guy like me in this area of partying becuz it will be “worlx” (in Jenifa’s voice)


:joy: :joy: African moms don’t joke with weddings.


Na dem get the wedding now


This is so me…

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I so love this… She doesn’t pray for bad moments…
For richer… For richer… Who will try this at their wedding?