Best Movie for 2018 ratings 1 - 10


2018 promises to be an exciting year in the Movie Industry. Our screens have been graced by block buster movies.
Like a true die hard fan of cinematográfica world l am blown away by the growth in this industry, in how these stories are woven, the picture clarity, the sound, especially for animated movies.
So guys what is that epic 2018 movie you have seen that made your day whatever the genre kindly share and give it your ratings
Below are some of mines :grin:

Black Panther was top notch :ok_hand: rate it a 7

Tomb Raider was awesome rate it a 7

Braven was okay rate it a 4

Red Sparrow was mildly entertaining rate it a 4

Maze Runner Death Cure was cool rate it a 6

12 Strong if you’re into war flicks this would make your day rate it 7

Molly’s Game was okay rate 5

Proud Mary didn’t enjoy this much felt they could have told a better story rate 4

Hostiles cool if you’re into western rate 5

The Monkey King 3 is cool rate 5

Annihilation horror sci-fi cool rate 6

Gringo is cool rate 7

Wrinkle in time is also cool rate 6

Death Wish is mucho grande rate it a 6


I skipped through Annihilation, didn’t look interesting to me


Pacific Rim 2 not soo cool gets a 4 from me
Ready Player One is awesome gets a 7 from me


The commuter is another great watch rate it a 7
now I’m off to watch The Titan will give reviews as soon as I’m done


Done with The Titan I must say I was a bit disappointed as I had expected much from this movie :pensive: giving it a 4


Saw RAMPAGE which stars Dwayne Johnson, Malin Akerman, Naomi Harris…it’s a very cool movie if you’re into buildings smashing lol rating it a 7 :+1:


Saw Avengers: Infinity War wasn’t really down with how the script played out but it was fun to watch my fav MCU characters battle with Thanos! rating it a 6

Deadpool 2 was very entertaining. If you haven’t seen it yet you should, it’s got strong language but a fun watch rating it a 6

Now I’m off to watch Daphne & Velma and Fahrenheit 451


Na you be movies o :raised_hands:


It seems you never give a movie more than 7 :grinning: Let me download Deadpool 2,I just saw 1 few days ago and it wasn’t disappointing :smile_cat:. Plix all these latest movies you dey watch e be like sey na government WiFi you dey use :grin:.


Deadpool 2 was more of word play and sarcasm than actual action, didn’t really enjoy it. About to watch Fahrenheit 451 now


Pacific Rim: Uprising is shit! Boring :pensive:


I sooo agree. Gboyega just fall hand


I download my flix oo. Currently downloading Breaking In and The Week Of. As for the ratings being stuck on 7 hmmm… lol


Abeg who understands Fahrenheit 451 the movie just lost me. How Michael B. Jordan & Sofia Boutella’s characters became intimate me i no juss get. I don’t even know how to rate this one o

Right if you grew up a fan of Scooby-Doo and The Gang then you ll love Daphne & Velma. The usual funny, mystery solving, trying to bust ghost movie. was a great watch oya I rate it an 8 lol


Whaaaa… you did not see Domino fighting abiii😒


Haha, intimacy began when they read books to themselves. I hate futuristic movies but then this wasn’t as bad. I love how they stuck to the plot of ‘book’ only and not some random scenes to kill everyone off. I’d rate it a 4 anyway because the script be like child’s play :joy::joy:


Haha, the movie is just comedy abeg, I don’t like the fact that they are trying to merge the movie with x-men at every step, but cable is a badass sha


They should just end the franchise there. I skipped the movie all through


End the franchise ke :scream: don’t let Kaiju fans hear you hehehe


Alright am back again. Recently saw Breaking In which stars Gabrielle Union… sighs. It’s just… I mean you see such names and you’re like mehn this movie go “tight” and at the end you’re saying abeg can this movie just end already lol Giving this a 4. trust me

Also saw a Comedy Adam Sadler’s The Week Of about inter racial wedding where the father of the bride wanted to plan his daughter 's wedding but he wasn’t that financially okay et cetera it was a good watch but wasn’t that funny giving this a 4.

Ookay, kindly avoid Future World at all costs it’s that bad… am not even going to bother commenting on it :joy:

Am off to see The Hurricane Heist

Ciao people