Best Movie for 2018 ratings 1 - 10


okay dear. watch and come here with your review. We await you.


The Hurricane Heist is an awesome movie, the cgi was top notch, the hurricane looked real and the storyline was :ok_hand: if you’re looking for a great movie this is it. Ratings for this definitely an 8


Solo: A star wars story. This movie centers around Han Solo and how he met Chewbacca. I really don’t fancy the Star Wars franchise. Yawned through most of the light saber fights Rating it a 6.

The movies I’m going to see this week are Ocean’s 8 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
Riri is in Ocean’s 8! here’s to hoping her acting has improved :grin:


Unpopular opinion- Acrimony is not a great movie. :blush:


lol… let @evansakanno see this :joy::joy:


Tbh the movie feels like shit to me. My opinion though :joy::joy:




I’ve not even watched the movie. Ordinary black panther looks boring to me. I will watch it and sleep off.

Maybe, I will focus on watching that black panther tonight sef, that’s if I don’t sleep off on it.


Bless you my dear.


I’ll rate Gringo 2/10 . I found it very distasteful cc @Monique


Black panther was boring? You need to be cleansed. Hehehehehehe


Acrimony was not? Well I enjoyed a part, I’ve not seen it completely.


Jurassic World was very cool. Plot was nice and it talks about Global warming (if you’re an environmentalist, you should find that interesting)


Hmm;. Why?


Yea I’m expectant for oceans 8. Okay for animation, Sherlock gnomes was cool. I’m a big fan of Depp so immediately I heard his voice, I was already captivated. Hehehehe


Where you downloading from abeg?


I never said so.


I agree. They tried too hard to sound funny but the whole script felt a kid’s idea


Tbh, if you see this movie twice, on the second watch you’d realize it’s an average movie with very nice CGI effect


Predictable to me, very average. Trying to understand how people got so emotional seeing it.