Best Movie for 2018 ratings 1 - 10


I have a feeling people would rate this movie so much because of Rihanna


I think they made the Gringo movie for white people. They tried too hard.


Yeah i guess, Oyelowo isn’t even fit for such roles, i hope he doesn’t play any more roles of such ever.


Escape Plan 2: Hades is shit! Awful!


I love this one, saw it today. Nice movie


Well, kinda true


Well, I love the part where he knelt down when he had a gun to his head and started calling God . It was hilarious. To me an actor should be versatile. He actually tried


Let’s see sha


True that, but everyone has a role or two they perform exceptionally. I wouldn’t fancy Hugh Jackman(wolverine) to play Deadpool you know, some people just do well in specific roles, for oyelowo comedy/action doesn’t cut out


Hian! u people should leave David Oyelowo for me o. I enjoyed Gringo and I think he should do more of comedy juur :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Umm… I was asked where I download my movies will pm you the sites, since I’m not sure posting it here is allowed???


Movies I’ve seen so far :
Tag (it’s a comedy about 5 men who have been playing the game tag since they were kids) was a fun watch rating it a 6

Set it up (a comedy about how 2 PA’s set up their bossy bosses to date each other so they could get me time) lol rating this a 5


Dark Crimes ( I didn’t understand this movie but it stars Jim Carey if you’d like to see it and explain it to me )

eHero (if you’re a gamer like me you’re going to like this one… its about competition gaming) rating this a 6

Death Wish ( Stars Bruce Willis as a medical doctor who turns vigilante takes down the men that brutally murdered his wife and put his daughter in a comma) rating this a 7

Early Man ( if you saw Pirates band of misfits then you’ll enjoy this… about football during stone age) it’s an Aardman movie
I’m rating this a 5


I feel pretty (comedy which stars Amy Schumer who falls from an exercise bike then thinks herself beautiful was hilarious and painful to watch for me) gets a 5

Terminal (stars Margot Robbie, a fantastic thriller with the perfect twist) rating this an 8

How it Ends ( a sci fi movie though I kept hissing at some plot/scenes. The world ended and Forest Whitaker rushes off to save his daughter with the aid of her boyfriend who he doesn’t like but he dies along the way I mean he dies!!! Mtcheeew… the boyfriend finally saves the girl and didn’t even let it slip ah ah :unamused: rating this a 5 joor.


7 splinters in time ( avoid ooo avoid) rating this a 3

Siberia (avoid oooo avoid i don’t even know why Keanu Reeves will be acting such flicks) rating this a 3

Overboard (romantic comedy where a rich dude loses his memory gets kidnapped and is made to work for the lady he was mean to) ratings 6

Tully ( Charlize Theron as a mom of 3 then finds life cumbersome gets an Alter Ego which was scary when i found that out at the end etc the movie shows women gets stressed out so men help us ooo) rating this a 6


The Equalizer 2 ( Denzel Washington is back again doing the same thing he did in part one only this time around it’s personal cos they killed his friend) rating this a 7

Father of the year (a good comedy where two friends pit their fathers against each other ) rating this a 5

Of gods and warriors (avoid oooo avoid) rating this a 2

Furlough (mmm not so funny comedy staring Whoopi Goldberg, Tessa Thompson who works as a rookie security guard same time takes care of her mom) gets a 5

God’s not dead 3 rating this a 7 (about faith to still stand when everything is topsy turvy)

The Miracle Season (based on a true life story on girls who struggled with the death of their captain to still play volleyball in college very touching) rates this a 6

Like Father (comedy about a lady who’s just like her dad whom she hasn’t seen since he ran away when she was 5 years old) rating this a 5

Mission Impossible Fallout ( I was bored abeg I can’t lie will have to allow this sit on the shelf for a while watch it again and see if anything changes… it stars Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Angela Bassett, Henry Cavil etc)


Skyscraper ( another movie staring “The Rock” where he saves his family plus the owner of a Skyscraper from terrorist groups and yes he has military training, plus a bad leg but the love for his family and employer is too strong only he can save them tactical police are always too sloooow in these things) rating this a 5


Life of the party (Melissa Mccarthy gets divorced then decides to go back to college yeah her daughter is in same said college) rating this a 5


The Darkest Minds (sci fi movie about teenagers with awesome powers) rating this a 7


Ant man and the wasp (am still wondering how Paul Rudd got this role to play ant man) gets a 6 cos its Marvel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: