Best Movie for 2018 ratings 1 - 10


2036 origin unknown (avoid oooo avoid) rating this a 2

The death of Superman ( animated flick about how Supes died fighting his greatest adversary Doomsday!) gets a 6

The Incredibles 2 ( animated our favorite crime fighting family are back… with Helen at the helm baby Jack-Jack has 14 powers! I counted lol this movie was funny, entertaining, fresh & grossed over 1 billion dollars) ratings a 7


10 x 10 ( a thriller about a man who kidnaps a nurse responsible for the death of his wife wanting her to confess to the crime) rates it a 6

5th passenger (avoid oooo avoid) rating this a 3

Maze Runner the death cure ( I actually enjoyed this turns out his blood cures all them infected peoples, lots of fallen heroes in this one though) rating this a 6.5


Morning everyone, just thought I’d share the newest flicks am about to download will. be giving reviews after watching

The spy who dumped me, The Meg, Hotel Artemis and Christopher Robin



You watch some of these movies at the cinema?


nope I download them all :blush:

I’m almost done watching The Meg (Jason Statham, Ruby Rose etc) and it’s quite disappointing to see Marine Biologist handling matters unprofessionally. The Meg aka Megalodon is a massive shark, you know sharks are attracted to noise yet every two two minutes you keep jumping into the Ocean :unamused: then you caught one and you’re taking Selfies with it wtf of course there’s bound to be another around even an idiot knows that! The part that really amazed me was they knew where the 2nd Meg was headed yet didn’t warn Coast Guards to clear civilians who were taking a dip in the Ocean ah aah.
See it’s getting a 4 ratings from me. Watch at your own risk.

Done watching The Spy Who Dumped Me (Comedy staring Milla Kunis, Kate McKinnon and that handsome dude from Tv series Outlander) it’s a funny watch, laughed all through it. ratings a 6


Link for download please, one I use doesn’t have the clear version for ant man and the likes


Fahrenheit is a great movie


Do you ever give a movie more than 7? I am trying to understand how Tomb Raider made 7 as well?

Skyscrapper obviously deserves better than 5 naaa.

Mission impossible Fallout’s suspense was totally next level, you have to bring it down from that shelf.

You gave terminal an 8??? :scream:

Spy who dumped me wasnt that awesome though…

@W.O To download clear version of some of these movies check out


Ehhh pokes u so i shud have rated Tomb Raider 101 baa :grin:

The Skyscraper storyline wasn’t the best I mean everything looked one kin I actually was nice in my ratings sef. why couldn’t they just do believable scenes!!
Imagine his wife taking down a terrorist in the car scene ah ah then she becomes a tech wiz? Na so. The end was laughable sef ignoring paparazzi so I can run to hug my wife and say let’s go home. before nko? Na zoo una bin wan go?? mtcheeew. lol where’s my chill pill

See maybe they need to do a re boot of this Mission Impossible franchise…or juss let the franchise goooo. okay did they think including Henry Cavil would give it a new face lift?Where the next level suspense abeg?? I didn’t see none. I can’t stomach predictable movies. I knew Simon Pegg wearing the mask would pretend to be the other dude to confuse Henry Cavil in the bound scene :triumph: I knew they would find the bombs, I knew Henry Cavil would die, I knew Ethan Hawke would save the world in 0 seconds lol should I continue?

Yep, I gave Terminal an 8, u would too it’s fresh and I enjoyed how the script and twists panned out.


I would never give Terminal an 8. A 5… maybe. Tomb raider was definitely a 5 for me as well. I preferred the old one with Angelina Jolie.

Even though the Mission Impossible Franchise is quite cliche (knowing fully well that Ethan will eventually save the world even if he had to go through death), you can’t deny the fact that the suspense wasn’t intriguing.

The Henry Cavil thingy… All I could see was Super Man trying to be an agent…that was a no for me, but the whole action gets an 8 from me. Like wise Skyscrapper. The idea behind it is at the point of desperation, even you would do the unbelievable.

Maybe you and I need to see a movie together and understand how our ratings work…


I’m done with Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) it’s a classic Winnie the pooh tale. In this one Christopher Robin is all grown up and somehow forgets what it was like being a child but Pooh plus the gang reminds him. Rating this a 6

Hotel Artemis stars Jodie Foster, Sophia Boutella, Dave Bautista, etc) movie about an agoraphobic nurse who runs a hotel where she patches up injured criminals there’s really not much fighting in this just towards the tale end. Good storytelling. Rating this a 4.

Next movie on my watch list is Action Point


Annihilation will be 4 to me…boring

Gringo was just so so funny

12 strong was awesome, will are it 8

Tomb raider will be 6 for me jare…love the original

Red sparrow could have been better, will rate it 6
Maze runner is a 7 for me


You enjoyed this movie?


-4 please, i literally skipped all through the movie


Becoming so cliche seeing Dwayne Johnson trying to save the world or he’s starring in a comedy flick with kevin hart


I hate the movie with passion ehn


12 strong is a 9.5 asweh


The only issue i have with these nollywood movies is the fact they always seems to convert “America is in trouble” to “we need to save the world”.

I mean… terrorist attack is at Chicago and you are telling me the nuclear bomb is going to clear half the world. Honestly o ja mi lara je


Dead movie mehn :joy::joy:


Hi everyone, for this week, movies on my watch list are: Alpha, To all the boys I’ve loved before, Mile 22, All Styles, Adrift and Action Point. I will be sure to review them all asap. Have a fantastic week.