Best Movie for 2018 ratings 1 - 10


This :dancer::dancer:


You too like film hehe. Have you seen it yet?


I sabi. No I haven’t but I’m pumped because the trailer is super dope. :grin::joy:


Mile 22 is a pretty solid watch!
The parts I didn’t get was Mark Wahlberg who plays a supposedly hyperactive intelligent agent gets played. Then the US govt. is running a hush hush operation yet their servers get hacked, the location of agents on the move keeps getting intercepted and they couldn’t decipher that meant the host nation also had a bird in the sky??? :stuck_out_tongue: me am not understanding lol Rating this a 7.5 for the shooting :ok_hand:

Alpha a movie starring Kodi Smith McPhee hmm am becoming wry with Hollywood movies. Boy gets injured in a hunting expedition… clan abandons him cos they thought he died. Along, he gets attacked by savage wolves, manages to Injure one of the “savage” wolf & climbs a well convenient tree. Seeks shelter with the injured wild wolf treats it and it becomes TAME just like that! Na wa o rating this 5.5

All Styles is a good flick if you’re into dance movies… it’s about a guy who gets admitted into college, is great with academia but his dad wants him to stick to books & quit dancing. He gets to put a new crew together so he can battles his old crew for 50 grand. Dad finally accepts that he can do both. yass! Rating this a 6


They never should have made Oceans 8. Saw it today after 3 attempts, slept off after the first and second try. Third time, I kept skipping through the boring conversations :weary::weary:


hahahaha u badt gan! To plan & execute successful diamond heist with 8 women isn’t easy. I can’t even remember my ratings for this movie. :smirk:

Right I’m done with To all the boys I’ve loved before. it’s a high school comedy/romance movie where a girl writes letters to 5 potential guys & her kid sister sends out the letters without her knowledge. She gets confronted by the guys & finds love in the end. Enjoyed it. Ratings a 7.5

Next movies will be : Crazy Rich Asians, The Little Mermaid & Action Point. I’m skipping Adrift for now.


Hian…you people have seen all these movies?
I need to up my game o.

Anyways, I’ve seen some. And it seems you’re not given any movie more than a 7.

Cool all the same


Guess you haven’t gone through my posties
c a r e f u l l y cos I did rate some movies an 8 :grinning: gives u a super poke


Looooool. Okay o.
Super poke’ received in good condition.




Hellos everyone, I got to see Action Point (comedy starring Johnny Knoxville) wasn’t funny and the whole story was ridiculous for me. Watch at your own risk. Rating this a 3

The Little Mermaid fairytale wasn’t the regular one this one had a circus magician who captured Elizabeth’s soul and made her do his bidding (putting her on display in a fish tank) until she finds true love. Rating this a 4.5

Crazy Rich Asians (starring Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu, Henry Golding etc) was superb funny for me. It’s about an Asian lady dating an Asian guy who’s family is crazy rich they both travel for a wedding & to meet his family where the real drama starts. Rating this a 7.8 :ok_hand: was spot on!


Other movies I saw were : Hope Springs Eternal (comedy, drama) about a high school girl diagnosed with terminal cancer & kept being unserious with school work, got cured yet kept it from her school mates so she could keep being center of discussion and remain popular??? until exposed, then had to become serious with school plus apologize to everyone Me I’m not understanding. Rating this a 4. Gosh where are the good movies naa??

Sicaro 2 day of the Soldado… the war on the Mexican cartel continues in this action flick but guess what there’s going to be a part 3 cos the girl hasn’t crossed the border, her Father hasn’t killed any muchachos and that man is still alive yay! Watch it you’ll understand :grin: Rating this a 7 starring Benicio Del Torro, Josh Brolin


I need to see Crazy Rich Asians… Where did you see it Dear? I want to see it @getbizy


Damsel (Western / Comedy) . starring Robert Pattinson.
Rating this a 4

Peppermint starring Jennifer Garner (Action/Crime) is a revenge movie where a mom takes on the baddies that killed her family. loved it rating this a 7.8

will be seeing AXL, Final Score, The Predator and Bad Cat next


AXL hmm a boy finds a weaponized robotic dog, decides to keep it, make friends with it knowing fully well its armed, dangerous, worth millions of dollars and belongs to the US Govt…in the long run he gets a hush scholarship? Oh boy! I wasted MB downloading this. The part I found unbelievable was when he was running away with AXL. I mean where would you run to that the US Govt wouldn’t find you… sighs rating this a 3.5


They just killed “The Predator” for me shaaa. I saw it and I m beginning to wonder if Hollywood makes great movies any more.
Lots of shooting, maiming, and running around.

There’s also a shocking scene where the father shoots a baddie in the eye with a tranquilizer gun right infront of his son. Who does that??? and the usual everyone dies except for boy, his heroic dad and microbiologist lady. sigh Rating this a 5.5


Tbh, they don’t.


Kindly scratch out Bad Cat (Animated flick) with strong language content :-1: .

Yet to see Final Score… will be adding The House with a clock in it’s walls to my list


BAd Cat is hilariously interesting as the Language serves as double ended puns :rofl::rofl:


Low key, The First Purge 2018 is better than every other purge movie.