Best Movie for 2018 ratings 1 - 10


Abeg the Zombie guy that refused to die freaked me out :rage:


Seen The Final Score (Dave Bautista) where he plays an Ex Military man looking out for a teenage girl (his mate’s daughter) lots of terrorists, shooting and saving when they both go watch a match at the stadium. Didn’t enjoy Bautista in this one. Rating it a 5

The House with a clock in it’s walls (Jack Black, Cate Blanchett) is just there jare. The usual orphan living with an uncle who is a warlock, they team up with Cate (witch) to stop a Doomsday clock in that house. gets a 5

A simple favor (Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively,) Comedy, Crime, about a mysterious woman who fakes her own death for a $4 million insurance money. Ratings a 6.5

Nappily Ever After (Sanna Latham) a lady who’s trying to live up to her mother’s expectations and be the 100% perfect woman for her man instead of just being herself. Rating this a 6.7


Saw Ant man today, and it was quite decent. Safe to say we wouldn’t be seeing ant man in the next avengers :sweat:


Saw Johnny English Strikes Again Rowan Atkinson (comedy) He saves The world from a hi tech villan. it’s a so so movie rating this a 4

Smallfoot (Animated) Channing Tatum In the movie a Yeti spots a smallfoot and brings him back to his community that doesn’t believe humans (smallfoot) exists. there’s singing lol a cool watch rating this a 6

Currently watching Venom and Tom Hardy is superb.
I would love to see him battle Spider-Man abeg. Rating this a 7.5
If you’re yet to see it the movie : Life Foundation sends out Scientists to discover new life forms in space, the said scientists on entering the earth crashed but the foundation was able to recover these life forms that inhabits hosts etc Eddie Brock accidentally gets bonded with one of the said life forms & becomes Venom…