Best Movies for 2019


Happy new year!!! I hope you all had fabulous holiday etc elections are round the bend make sure you cast your vote for the right candidate of your choice.


Basically what I do here is share the movies i have seen, give a little synopsis and rate them as best as I can based on plot, cast, cinematography etc. So lets rolls:

Reign of the supermen… in this action packed animation other supermen have risen to help keep Metropolis safe after the disappearance of Clark Kent

How to train your dragon: The hidden world The dragons are being hunted down and it’s up to Hiccup to find a new world for the dragons / his people. Rating this a 6.5

Glass… M. Night Shymalan is back with another thrilling tale. (it’s a Trilogy movie Unbreakable, Split then Glass to really understand the storyline). I enjoyed the story telling, the characters were on point but has a sad ending. Rate it a 6

Close… Noomi Rapace plays an agent who is assigned to protect a spoilt rich girl when he father dies. There’s a lot of going back & forth in this movie that to me seemed pointless / unnecessary. watch at your own risk lol rating this a 5

Polar… fast action packed with too much killing & blood brrrrr… a hitman has revenge on the company he works for when a mark is put on him. Rating 7

Alita: Battle Angel …futuristic world flick wasn’t disappointed and am thinking there’s going to be a sequel. An advanced cyborg is found, put together by a doctor. she battles the baddies while trying to remember who she was. Ratings a 7.5

Cold Pursuit… Liam Neeson’s son is killed by a drug lord. he takes revenge. that pretty much sums it. Ratings a 5.5

Miss Bala…a movie about an innocent young lady caught in between a Mexican druglord and the corrupt police while trying to find her friend. Ratings a 6