Body shaming is a matter of perspective!

Hiya, been a while I put pen to paper not because I’ve been busy but because I just didn’t feel like.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses: The perks of being lazy right? Of recent, I’ve become quite unfazed yet bothered about the issue of body shaming as it leaves me frumious. The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size is called Body shaming.

There are many manifestations of body shaming and they are subtly oblivious as magazines offering “tips” on how to lose weight, sitcoms using overweight persons as the butt of their sometimes funny jokes and those nonsense music videos that believe one body type is kinging all the time.

@Legacy27 talked about saggy boobs and loose vaginas On Saggy Boobs and Loose Vaginas and it did spurred me that beauty is relative. We have so allowed the media paint and taint an ideal figure 7 or 8 or whatever as the ultimate goal while giving free rein to some IG skin “toners” that your sepia shade is racist!!

Just the other day, a guy was complaining that his girlfriend said his penis was small. Seriously? :roll_eyes: What if her vagina was big? :thinking: The same penis that is small for Shade is what Kiki is gisting her friends that is quite big. The truth is that you are not perfect and that’s where the beauty lies. Imagine, I’m a die-hard fan of flat ass, big nose, tiny eyes, perky and droopy boobs and etc.; then the world decides that these are not perfect and the surgeries come in leaving persons like me eunuchs!! :tired_face::sob::sob:

How do we end this tirade?
It will never end as long as we can never be satisfied but Hey, LOVE YOURSELF while hopefully these tips would suffice.

  1. Choose the messages you see on social media. I don’t follow celebrities. Don’t have time for one fella to plague my soft mind subconsciously with comparative analysis.
  2. Stop hiding that body and flaunt it. You need to believe in that body of yours.
  3. Know thy self!! The inner-bully and Inner-supporter. Know the thoughts that put you down, create a system of support to fight it and explore yourself.
  4. Find 10 things you love about your body (Should be more than 10)
  5. Move with peeps who are body-positive or body-neutral. People who feel good about themselves or don’t feel anything.
  6. Eat healthy! As much as I don’t want to be misconstrued, you do need to eat healthy. At least, you know what healthy is. You can be plump, chubby, thick or fat without being obese.
  7. Thank your body: This is weird. I do this most times. I’m in the bathroom, dancing and looking in the mirror and I’m like “Yo!, You got a nice belly button, such a skin… awn”
    So whether it’s a bikini body or a flat chested skateboard you want, just wear the bikini on the body and there you are –a Bikini body! By the way, if you are going to criticize yourself or anyone, DO NOT compare with anyone!!

Here are the top 5 things i love about my body
My tangly hair, my belly button, my skin, my burnt ass (You should see it!) and my eyes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

So you tell me your top 5 @zegisters


:clap: wonderful!

  1. I love my cheeks : though a lot of people teased me about my ‘big’ cheeks. I love them nonetheless. It’s the first thing you’d notice about me.

  2. My almost invisible left dimple : when I was little, I used to have very visible dimples but they disappeared sorta as I grew older. When I smile or laugh heartily, a tiny one shows at my left cheek. Anyone who knows me well would know how much I get crazy about dimples. And yea, my kids will definitely have them :heart_eyes:

  3. My slim stature : people have talked, cussed and said nasty things about my stature. I have gba ‘kamu’. At a point, I felt I was sick…I’m always the slimmest amongst my friends. In fact, I look younger than my age, someone once thought I just finished secondary school, last year or so (so i’m told) Whereas, most people love me just the way I am. They even suggest I go into modelling (short geh like me)

  4. My small hands and legs : people have teased me about how Small my legs are. I use 37 and sometimes my legs don’t fit in them shoes cos it’s a little too slim.

  5. My not-so-perky boobs : (YES, I typed that! They are just perfect in their little way) :heart_eyes: when I started using bra in Js2 :see_no_evil: and saw my mates brezz all looking fine and super-firm, I became so ashamed of myself… Couldn’t bring myself to dress up in their presence. It resulted in low self-esteem. But a couple of years ago, I got over it.
    Whew (took me a whole lot of courage to type this)


God!!! Noooooo! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  1. My “yam” legs. This was something they used to make jest of me for in secondary school. I look in the mirror now and I only see very sexy legs :woman_shrugging:t5:

  2. My “big” lips. My lips aren’t even that big but then, they used to yab me that I had big lips. Some people called me “Matthew” sef. Now, I get compliments that I have nice pink lips :lips:

  3. My beauty. Growing up, they used to call my cousin Miss World, fine girl, model, beauty queen, everything. In fact, when we take pictures together (even till date), people will ask me who the girl beside me is :roll_eyes:. But I loooove my cousin. It doesn’t get to me anymore. Then my best friend in sec school that was now very beautiful did not help me. Seniors and juniors were tripping for the babe. Anyway, I’m now one pretty lady :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

  4. My hairy arms. The first time my aunty brought Veet shaving cream to the house, I applied the cream on the full length of my legs and arms. I did not have sense lai dat. The way the hair on my arms grew back ehn, I was always shy to display it. But I’m glad it has stopped growing :grin:

  5. My very slim stature. I did not choose to lose weight but it became an issue at home and among some of my friends and people told me I looked sick and being slim did not fit me. I used to feel bad but now, I’m loving it.

  1. My hair.
  2. My not so big tummy.
  3. My eyes.
  4. My dimples.
  5. My legs,fingers and toes.

Took a cue from you.
Lol, decided to type out everything after I read yours.


Aww! No wahala. It’s fine dear :blush:

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This is it. sometimes in a bid to justify body shaming, we forget that some people are truly unhealthy. Either they are too fat or too thin. I am at the extreme of being too thin, and although I get upset sometimes when those close to me ask me to work on it, I realize later on that telling someone they are unhealthy is not body shaming. Sometimes, the truth is bitter. Body mass index is a way to check how healthy you are so I heard. I’m yet to check mine though.

Also, the way you approach someone to tell them they are unhealthy is very important. You may be saying the truth but how you say it is as important as what you are saying


hmm… lemme see… i loveeeee my body, always have and always will… I always tell peeps, if you are not confident about yourself, you will never feel beautiful even though the world throws compliments your way. Always work on yourself if you do not like the way you look, exercise, eat right, wear flattering clothes… these will help your self confidence. A confident person is beautiful anywhere, anytime, any day…

Anyways, enough digressing…

  1. I love my eyes… people say they get uncomfortable when i stare at them for a while and i am like hmm hmm… did you offend me?
  2. I used to hate my nails because they never grow long, always breaking but now i love them cos they look so white and make me feel clean
  3. I love my tummy… not as flat as it used to be but i am working on it…
  4. My collar bones… they look like wells for storing water but hey that’s me…
  5. My skin… no words to describe it…
    Lemme be going before i type out my entire body parts…



Wow!! Glad the Confidence is back. @Yeye I’ve never really noticed the “yam” legs, I’ll rather call them sturdy… @W.O eyes are damn fine…Very cute. (No homo


  1. My hip… this has always been the biggest part of my body :joy: and I just love how it stands out and gives an illusion of a figure 8 even when the measurement was just 35”. Now that it’s 41 and I’m obsessed with it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  2. My legs: I’m not tall and my legs are not too straight so I don’t know why I love them but I do

  3. My feet: I love how the complexion of my feet pop out especially when the weather is cold

  4. My skin: even if I don’t rub body cream for months, my skin is always on fleek :dancer:

5: My lips; I love my lips because bae won’t stop teasing me!


Thank you!!!

One of my fun facts is that I rub cream only during winter / harmattan


You and I; same WhatsApp group :joy:



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I love my eyes
I love my busty chest
I love my dimples
I love my slim tiny self
And I love my fingers


I just needed to see this. :+1:


I love
My gap tooth
My smile
My flat stomach
My face
My legs


Dope piece. @Aje
I love

  1. My hair, it’s always a good ice breaker in conversations
  2. My nose, as the proportion is jxt on point
  3. My fingers and toes have a certain aesthetics to them.
  4. My stomach. Which can never be big even if I swallow an elephant
  5. My teeth. Hehehehee

lol… you wish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know why you’re hating. Is it your nose?