Body Shaming : It isn't your duty to like me, it's mine

I looked in the mirror after dressing up for my early morning lectures. I didn’t like what I saw because my fine skirt was not looking so fine on me just because of my flat ass. Anyway shaa, I just carried myself and went to school like that because I cannot come and kill myself. Afterall I didn’t create myself.

In as much as I have accepted my flat ass as a part of me, sometimes I ask God, “Why didn’t you give us a chance to create ourselves?” Well if I had the chance to create myself, trust me Nicki Minaj will even be jealous of my butt. But my Mum always says that God has a reason for creating us differently. But me I’m not asking for much difference nah. Just a little flesh on my butt. Is that too much to ask for? I will manage my face even with the flat nose and pimples.

I was almost in school when one keke man shouted, “Baby girl my nyash is bigger than your own ohhh”. It hurt me ohh but I just ignored him shaa. Afterall he’s just a keke man what does he even know sef?

Anyhow shaa I jejely carried my self to class. I sat down on my own. One of my friends just came to me and said, " This your skirt is fine ohh but your ass spoilt it". Strike two. I just laughed it off but deep down I was just thinking, “God why me?” But I didn’t complain ohh. Afterall she’s my friend nah.

After the class, I left the class on my way home I saw a group of fine boys. Then I overheard them saying, “Chai this girl is fine ohh”. I pretended as if I didn’t hear them but I was thinking, “Finally Thank you Jesus”. When I walked past the boys, I think one of them turned and saw my butt and shouted, “Chim ohhh, as this girl fine reach her ass flat like this”. Everyone around burst out laughing. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

I have never felt so embarrassed in my life. I wanted to melt. All the self confidence I built all my life collapse at that spot. I broke into a run. I ran all the way to my room. I laid on my bed for days crying.

Alas, I remembered that it’s nobody’s job to like me, it’s mine. I LIKE ME!. I mean is it their flat bum bum? Any fine boy that can shout something like that is not so fine afterall. So just like the keke man, they don’t matter. They know nothing. I’m going to wear my fine jumpsuit to school next week, yes with my flat bum bum and I will rock it. If I hear any “fim” about my flat ass the person will hear “nwii”

What are your thoughts on body shaming?
Have you had any similar experience?


Lol… Give it to them, baby!

It’s nobody’s job to like you. You are the only one responsible for the quality of life you live.


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How flat is your ass? Can i get a preview of it? :heart_eyes: Meanwhile check this Body shaming is a matter of perspective!


A lot of people usually assume only plus-size people get body shamed.

Sorry to burst your bubble, slim people get body shamed alot too. Especially in Nigeria and most especially in my side of the country (Akwa Ibom/Cross River) as if we created ourselves.

Very beautiful story @ogochukwu
I’m glad you’ve accepted to love you for you. I’m still on that journey myself.




E remain small. She can step down with this fes.
From her name, I’m assuming she is a sister from the East.



Sound it!!!


I checked it. It’s pure gold. Every body deserves to read it.


Lol I hope I won’t have to share ?


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Thanks baby :kissing_heart:

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Oh yes! In @Aje’s post, I mentioned that after I unintentionally lost some weight, a lot of people said things like being slim did not fit me and I looked unhealthy.

I saw a tweet where one guy said that every slim girl in Nigeria assumes that they can become models because of their stature, and some people replied saying awful stuff.


I better not see you and your friend, @Kachie, parading in front of our guest :roll_eyes:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. I will give them but just small.


No problem :joy:
You just eat to your satisfaction first.


My dear we are in the same boat! My tailor once told me that it’s not enough that I don’t have ass, I also do not have a small waist or even hips as consolation.

But what can a girl do? We just have to love ourselves the way we are and embrace the changes we see in our bodies especially the ones we have no control over.

Besides, nobody has it all. Just as we are someone’s dissapointment, we are also someone else’s blessing.


Eeeyaaa na, I want too!