Breakup and reconciliation


Hey guys, society makes it feel like a taboo to go back to an ex! However is it really easy to go back to an ex regardless of the break up circumstance?

Any successful reconciliation stories? Please share


That would depend on the reason for breaking up in the first place and how much work both parties put in to make it work. I think…

I don’t have any successful break up stories but I have a friend from College who broke up with his girl back then, they were apart for at least 3 months, according to him, she was stubborn and rude some times and accordingly to her, he didn’t cut it sexually.

They are married now with 1 child.


I think 2Face and Annie are a success story yea?

Time and space can affect how relationships go. You can meet an amazing lady at the wrong time in your life and you are not able to function right as you are under improvement. You can also meet an amazing person but distance (space) can end up being a constraint.

As @NaijaLander said it depends on the reason for breakup. So you could meet up same person in the future at a better time and space and things could spark up again.

@Mira @theunofficialomotayo @Judy @Kiitan what do you think?

Love and Alignment in Relationships

Spot on :ok_hand:t6:


I totally agree with all you wrote. Tbh, the success of the relationship will require double the effort put in the first time they broke up. No matter how bad the breakup was, if they are meant to be, they’ll be.


Oh interesting! Thanks for sharing


So apt! Nothing is impossible and new under the sun! I have a male friend that has decided to reconcile with a particular ex of his and marry her.

In case time and chance is favorable now or sometime this year, whoever that’s reading you can reconsider reconciling with a willing and available ex. But always remember to allow new opportunities with an old or new person.

Thanks for replying!


Ayeee!!! What will be will be, with extra effort sometimes. Thanks for your response


@evansakanno is right about time and space being in alignment.
But lemme quickly add that it is not all exes you should go back to because “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know right?” Sometimes you need to really move on without looking back especially if the relationship was a toxic one and the one that deprived you of your sanity.
People don’t ever forget how you made them feel so I think we should focus more on making people feel loved and good so that even when they go round the world looking for a look alike of that feeling, it would really never feel like the real thing. They say first impressions matter, I say last impressions matter more.
So I think people that go back to their exes even though people thought they would never ever get back together, went back because they couldn’t forget how the ex made them feel after having deep reflections. Focus on the feeling.




This is it! Sometimes you meet someone you’re meant to be with, but the fact that you’re still a work in progress, you might mess things up. So when you grow older and better, and that person is still single, why not go chasing that person? Its worth it…


That’s it… As much as what will be will be, there still has to be a little effort,




It takes a whole lot of effort, very tiring and it usually takes the grace of God to continue. Most times, it’s never as interesting as before the break up and then one tries too hard not to offend the other person.


It becomes like walking on egg shells… Because you both are extra careful not to repeat old mistakes…


You gerrit. It’s always really draining. You go even begin to wonder if you made the right decision trying make it work. But then again, sometimes it’s stronger than it used to be but it’s usually with a lot of hard work and both parties must be willing to work at it


True tho… The reasons why they broke up should also be put under consideration… If it was a case of cheating or consistent lies, this must be well addressed before they agree to continue dating.