Brymo will be releasing another album soon!


MY PEOPLE… OSO is out… “Heya” video below… As expected another controversial one…:grin::grin: Love me some BRYMO!!!


Cringing seeing another man’s butt but he never does disappoint :disappointed_relieved::joy:


Sometimes I feel Brymo is underrated!


Okay, this is my first time of listening to his song, and I must say I’m not disappointed!

This guy deserves multiple awards, no hype intended. He is good.


Looking like the man from the movie God’s Must Be Crazy.


I have the album already, waiting to get back to the office and listen :blush:


Lol… I love that movie mehn!!!


Brymo could bring a grammy to Nigeria. His music maturity, artistic prowess and music style is just on point. This is “soco”.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow::tired_face: I’m getting mine too. I love the video and concept… Gosh and this classical is classic…


It’s a nice idea anyway :joy::joy:


:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: Arghh!! Brymo has finished me oo. My favorites form the OSO album are Olarenwaju, Ba nuso, Olumo, No be me… and the Lyrics of God is in your mind is just on another level…


I’ve been waiting for this since I started listening to him. He deserves it! I love how he has never tried to conform! His songs are too deep and it’s such a shame that Nigerians don’t appreciate him enough :sob:


@W.O Oya bless us with the album na just as you blessed us with Simi’s album.

@Bobo see your guy wearing gstrings oh :joy::joy::joy:


Please manage this ice cream cake…


@W.O you know you are my friend… I have not listened to the entire album yet.


It’s not even gstring :joy::joy:


You should :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I just did and it’s absolutely amazing! Picking the best out of all the songs is so difficult!


I’d drop it all here :joy::joy:


Smh, shift


Ba nu so


God is in your mind



Money Launderers and Heart Breakers

No be me