Brymo will be releasing another album soon!



Patience and Goodluck

Time is so kind


@W.O The REAL MVP!!!


Haha, Gracias. Enjoy!


I thought they said it was gstrings. I heard them talking about it on rado yesterday.
Haven’t seen the video yet sha…


It is na abi? I saw the video yesterday na, na only front view baba cover, man just dey look another man butt


Don’t mind them :rofl: just watch the video to see that it’s not gstring. That leather stuff warriors use to cover the private part


I found this explanation of the concept behind brymo’s controversial video and I thought to share










WOW!!! This is really deep


Ah. aye le oo. You’ve downloaded his song


No time sir :joy::joy:


This song is suffused with so much beauty, mystery and instructions. yesterday I heard it differently as it ministered directly to my soul. Even the wordless melody seems to be telling a story; That everything would be okay. the kindness of time would make everything OK. Even if our lives is not going the way we dream it.
It is OK that we still don’t have our shit together at whatever age.
It is OK that we are still figuring it out Because No one has it completely figured out. Not the pundits. Not the prophets. Not the enlightened.
But the kindness of time is in the opportunity to experience life as it is.
As we all walk our individual paths, we collide blindly with one another and this is probably the reason for our sorrows.
But It is Ok if you choose to be alone rather than be lonely.
It is OK To defy society, its discontent and expectations in the pursuit of your dreams which to them does not make any sense but to you it is real and very true.
we owe it to ourselves to put our best foot forward as we walk our path taking each day as it comes. To love and to forgive ourselves for the ills of the past. To treat others as we would like to be treated. And to be assured, even as we plunge into the uncertain future, that time would be kind to us.
in the end everything would be fine and just as it was meant to be.

That is the story. I am so proud of this guy. Walahi.