Build Regardless by Evans Akanno


1/ Some “friends” will not buy your product or service. They will not like your post on social that shows they’ll even recommend you. But the day you make a business mistake? They will fly your flag and air their opinions on what went wrong. Build Regardless


2/ You will be discouraged along the way, they will tell you, you aren’t ready, know that they are limiting you based on their understanding so Build Regardless


3/ In your startup journey you will make mistakes along the way which will go viral still Build Regardless


4/ Your first three startup ideas may fail and you are worried this new venture will not make it, learn from the failures my dear Build Regardless


5/ You will be the only optimist that sees the light in your product. Your product may not even make sense. There are only 2 options, either you win or you learn so Build Regardless


6/ You will be depressed along the way, entrepreneurship is full of happy /sad moments, count your blessings, celebrate the little wins and Build Regardless


7/ You will not be selected at numerous pitch sessions for new business or for investors, think, restrategize not to seek but to attract these businesses and investors. Build Regardless


8/ Your business competition may be gaining better traction, they have a better team to execute. Just ensure you are learning and growing steadily. Build Regardless


9/ You will have a few bad clients along the way, some will go as far as ensuring they tell everyone about how you didn’t treat them well. Learn from your mistakes and Build Regardless


Excuse me @evansakanno I didn’t mean to digress oh :roll_eyes: but it’s like pizza and small chops is hungry-ing me. Please what do u suggest I do regardless? :confused:


@judy, work hard today, make more money than the cost for Small chops and Pizza, then spoil yourself a little. :grin:


I love the “build regardless”… Its more like. keep building no matter what comes to shake you up.


@evansakanno Well said!

Man you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are. Thank you for not being one of those entrepreneurs who’s only answer to “how has your journey been so far” is “My brother na God”. You have no idea how much of energy this post gave me.


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: I can relate.


Yeah that’s what I admire about him. :wink:


God bless you @evansakanno


Ah! See savage response! Aye!!! :ok_woman:t5::ok_woman:t5: but ur point is noted @evansakanno


My brother this is one very annoying Nigerian cliche. Everything na God.


Deep words.:clap:


These words are like soothing balm to the soul.

Thanks @evansakanno.

Remain topnotch.