Can Getting Oral Sex From A Prostitute Be Considered As Cheating?

I’m a frequent visitor on Naija Single Girl’s blog and I found this very funny story :joy:


So I was horny, as I had been for the past 1 month, I haven’t seen my girlfriend since last year. Long distance sucks and I promised to be faithful. I had held on for like forever dunno what happened but I have been horny like a lot lately I felt sperm was gonna come outta my ears.

All of a sudden, I heard music playing from a close distance from my house. I had always heard it every night but didn’t pay attention but this time it caught my attention, so I figured by this time being 11pm it must be a whore house. I reasoned with myself for awhile about the rubbish i was about to do, but i was damn horny. I figured only a blowjob would do. At least I can get this sperm outta me. I took out 1k from my wallet and started out. I got there and I stood outside, it was dark, I was canvassing the area, a bit tensed but I don reach be say I don reach.

Then i saw one girl, 5ft, petite, wearing bum shorts and a tank top,my type. I called her.
“I’m looking for a girl” I said

“for what” she replied.
“for sex” I said.
“I dey come make I go piss” was her reply.
I watched her go into the darkness so I chilled. She came back and I said “I want head o”
“1k” was her reply.
“for ordinary head???” I said.
She looked at me and said “ordinary head”?? in an angry tone and went away.

I silently shouted “come back”….”.
“Unbelievable” I said to myself. Someone cannot price here too.
I was still outside the place waiting for her or another girl to pass. A guy came out obviously enjoying himself.

I approached him and asked “how far u dey work here?” He said no,I explained why I was there and he said I have to enter inside that none would come out to see me. All I wanted was a blowjob! How hard could it be?

I entered still looking for the first girl I encountered. He took me inside and showed me their rooms, I saw some pretty ugly ones.
Yikes,I wasn’t satisfied so I came back to their bar and chilled. I approached another one.

She looked fine. “how far I want head ” I whispered into her ear.
“Make i give you my head ??” she said.

She didn’t seem to understand so I repeated myself. She seemed confused so I said “I want make you suck my prick”

“with my mouth??” she responded.

I looked at her and said yes,she declined the offer and walked away,looking at me in a funny way. Then , alas, the first one came back,”how far na, why u waka leave me” I said.

“u no talk well na” she replied.
I was like, oya make we go na
I thought she understood my need of just BLOWJOB. My greatest mistake. she led me through a crooked path smiling to her colleagues though,she don get customer na,I thought to myself.

I wished I was shorter so nobody could see me but I am damn 6ft’ 2’….into a crooked room with no light she led me.

“u no even get light” i said.

“if i put light now u go say make i off am” she said.

I took off my shorts and underwear and lay on the bed.

Let’s get this over with, then she took off her panties and skirt as I looked on…”I no wan fuck o” I said. She started applying some sort of lotion to her vagina hurriedly. I was scared

Jisos! this is just my first time, I could see STDs already on me. I thought she was gonna jump on me and rape me. There were like 30 condoms on the table beside her. I repeated myself boldly this time “I NO WAN FUCK O”

“which one be you no wan fuck, abeg all fuck na fuck ” she said with her calabar accent…

“.I just want a blowjob,” I said.
“no be if I massage am for you with my hands till you release” she said showing me the lotion she already applied to her vagina on her hands.

“pay before service” she said and repeated herself twice…….I stood up and wore my shorts…

“e be like u no understand wetin I mean” I said.

I stood up to leave. She became angry…

“after you don see my nakedness u no wan come do again,come commot make I see you”…she said,

I was almost crying……then she barred the entrance to the door ready for a fight and started shouting with her calabar accent,…immediately like a revelation I remembered all the stories in the news on nairaland and LIB of people that got killed or disgraced by prostitutes for refusing to pay.

Oh the horror and embarrassment in a whore house and nobody knows me here. They will just kill me for nothing. I stood up from the bed i once laid, brought out 1k from my wallet gave her and walked out.

“u no wan massage again” she shouted. Prolly the easiest 1k she will make this night.

I came out of the brothel people that watched me go in looking at me coming out in like 1 minute. I felt like a one minute man.

So i bowed my head in shame and started walking to my house……halfway through my walk the time is 11:53pm I started laughing at myself,…but how do people do this? I asked myself.
I burst into laughter and looked up to the heavens. I’m sure I could hear God laughing at me……so I got back to my house and I swear I’m no longer horny.

If he had gotten the blow job from the prostitute, would it be considered cheating?




Some people will say since money was exchanged and there’s no emotional attachment, it’s simply a business transaction :smile:

You really could have saved yourself the trouble by doing one or two things in the closet of your room you know.


Lol… This story is really funny mehn!

This part got me laughing :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Lit story!!

Very lit.
I’m sure that’d be his first and last brothel encounter.


This part got me laughing… Lol.

I burst into laughter and looked up to the heavens. I’m sure I could hear God laughing at me……so I got back to my house and I swear I’m no longer horny.

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His last encounter o. Mhen, jeez, I was literally with him there and damn!!But wait we still haven’t answered the question of oral sex being cheating? What exactly is cheating?

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Cheating is cheating now, in as much it is what a third party or your girlfriend must not know about or what you will not want to hear your partner did…:woman_shrugging:



I concur


I don laugh tire :rofl: and I pictured the scene :joy: na cheating o!!! Either prostitute or neighbor; na cheating

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siddon there o, what if the boyfriend doesn’t care who hears? :thinking::thinking:

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Well there is something known as or called MOVE ON or WAKA PASS!

Jisos! this is just my first time, I could see STDs already on me. very fuuny part.

Ever since man was created we are said to always move on what ever conditions we found ourselves