Can I Marry A Man and Grow To Love Him?


You ain’t taking it personal. You’ve got a point there too. If she doesn’t love him, she should stop doing stop it, I like it. Boldly tell the guy and he would move on with his life.


It’s obvious the lady is enjoying the guy’s financial support. But the marriage won’t work if that’s the only thing she likes about the guy. What of days when he doesn’t have enough to be kind to her financially? That means there’s nothing for her to like.


I think feelings are fickle, they’re a dime a dozen… but they are not to be discarded as inconsequential. Arranged unions in the days of our parents were not about feelings, and some of those marriages had a good run. Before anyone comes out with clubs, yeah I know they had their issues and there’s no way to know what the man/woman endured throughout the marriage… which is exactly the same with the present day approach of choosing yourself. No matter how much time is spent dating there’ll still be surprises in marriage… #devilsadvocate # alternativeview
It appears that the lady has a strong bias against dating significantly older men…I’ll say she should let him go and stop taking gifts from him because no matter what he does he probably will never win her heart or at the very least her respect. And again because of the age gap, dude justs want to get married but she wants a chance to know who she might be getting married to, which presents a risk that the relationship might not work after time has been spent (time he believes he doesn’t have). I tell my female friends to never marry a man they can’t respect and honor.


Love is a choice, you can’t force it if you’re not interested


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God’s love is the purest. Anyone that doesn’t know and understand God’s ways can never understand how to love @Temidayo


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Hmm! The truth is we all claim to know it all or understand how someone feel in a particular situation which is just a facade.
Having been or better put being a one sided relationship

In my opinion you are asking this question not because you are scared to let him go but because you find something in him which is definitely affecting your decision.

In my case my suppose fiance is what you call an epitome of beauty and that has held my throat glued to her.

Aside her beauty I can’t really point to any other thing that’s keeping in this relationship, even though I know it’s a dangerous path to thread.

So like me I know if you are sincere with yourself and think deep you will identify what’s keeping you in the relationship and like my Pastor use to say " there’s nothing wrong in asking a question but what’s the motive behind the question"


Yeah God love is the purest.


Yes u can. But first go into courtship with him u will get to know him more through courtship. Age is nothing. Some guys don’t like getting married to ladies with d same age grade wit them. 2nd be open to him. If he is doing things u don’t like tell him. Love change everything, U can make him be d Man u want him to be.


Does this really work? I think it depends on if the guy is willing to be worked on…


That’s why it’s impossible to understand love then.


You can’t make a man be what he doesn’t want to be fa.


Yeah… Definitely…


Age is just number. Love doesn’t have to correlate with how old someone is since both of you aren’t minors. What has the age difference got to do with whether you should love him or not? Who is to say you might not die before him?

The more important thing to consider is the person that he is. Does he make you more of who you want to be in life? Does he support the course you believe in? Whenever he’s around, do feel happy, inspired, complete and yourself?

Those are the green light you get. The red flags? Is he domineering, not putting your thoughts and feelings when making decisions? Does he flirt? Is he relying on his money as a way to buy your love? How does he treat his friends and family? And you pretty much get the idea.

So it’s basically a comparison of the red flags and his likable qualities. So be wise and see the signs. But hey, nobody is perfect!

Relationships are a two-way street. It’s not just about you with your lofty standards. Sometimes, when we don’t like something, it’s because of our perspectives and values. What kind of person are you? Are you forgiving, tolerant, or selfless? And you get the idea.

And maybe he should cut out that “my woman” crap. It’s premature.





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