Can you abandon a job of 600k/month to leave for canada if the opportunity arise?


Young people and middle-aged professional are beginning to pack up and leave the country in droves.But the surprising trend now is even those with high paying jobs are resigning and moving abroad…mostly Canada.
Will you do it if the opportunity arose?Or are you already processing it as we speak?Someone even replied in the thread below that his boss earning close a million naira monthly has left! will you?Please let’s comment to educate each other.What are your fears?


This is sad but then, I don’t blame anyone who is looking to leave. Nigeria needs to be built by Nigerians, however not everyone has the level of tolerance to the hardship here.


You know,i have had this discussion with my wife and she has said to me…Honey,i’m tired!i want to leave!The stress is unbearable!
And i understand.But the truth is,I don’t want to leave.For the sake of my kids,i will but deep down…i want to stay.
I have even suggested to her: “You and the kids can leave.I will stay,then come visit every now and then”…but i don’t know how that will work?
I’m still praying about this though.God help me


It depends on what they are leaving to do and why. Sometimes, it takes some Nigerians to leave the country, and then come back to help or help from over there. So like I wrote earlier, it depends on why they are leaving and what they are leaving for. Whether you leave or stay, I believe we should all work together to build Nigeria. You can build from abroad so that those of us here can benefit. But I think some Nigerians are selfish and don’t think about others.


The other thing I’ll add is that, many Nigerians don’t know what it entails to immigrate. It’s tough and rough, especially if you don’t have a job before relocating. I would like to believe that those who earned over #500k/month had job offers… else that’d be one crazy risk.

Like @jyde247 is thinking…if you have a family, they can go ahead of the bread winner. The bread winner can has an address, phone number, and social security card. That way employers feel you’re in their country. Then when you get the job, you leave your current one in Nigeria.


People leave as much as they come into Nigeria everyday. If qualified Nigerians are leaving the country to go help build another man’s country, well, at least it creates vacancies and openings for others.

Every disadvantage sure has it perks too. But to answer your question, I won’t leave a 600K/mo job to relocate. I would rather build a business here and contribute to our country.

Hardship? There is hardship but we are lucky compared to some other countries. Nigeria is a great country and we are just too blessed.


I love my job…let them go, we will usher them back




Sometimes we prefer a cupfull of certainty to a bucketfull of uncertainty…

Sometimes we assume that what is to come will be better…

I will leave. At least to experience a cross-cultural environment with less hatred in it… But in your question you pinpointed pay so I guess money is the motivating factor. I will still leave sha.

1 Canadian dollar is around 280 ngn. With the skill set that earns me 600k? I will leave. Eh? Leave with running kwaa


Exactly my thoughts. Many here will be happy to take over from them


they may not necessarily be leaving to build another man’s country. For example, the Nigerian Bobsled team brought recognition to Nigeria and I doubt if they stay in Nigeria. Chimamanda Adichie doesn’t stay in Nigeria but one way or another, she is promoting the culture of Nigeria. Someone may read her book and decide to invest in Nigeria or visit Nigeria. Like I said in one of my comments above, you can build Nigeria from abroad.


Even if they are leaving to build another man’s country, we have foreigners helping to build our country. Mary Slessor wasn’t a Nigerian yet she devoted herself to help stop the killing of twins and other barbaric practices in Nigeria.


There’s no need to be melodramatic here, Nigerians know how to pretend, even online, haba!!! It’s clear that if you get a job offer in a Canadian firm that could pay you about the equivalent of #600,000 you’d most assuredly go, it’s common sense; in Canada there’s value for human life, human rights ain’t trampled upon there, there’s security of life and property, in Nigeria all these I mentioned are in negation. A family friend with wife and kids had to abandon a well paid job close to the 600k we’re talking about with free accommodation because boko haram/herdsmen kept killing, burning houses and property continually in the northern state he worked as at then. Why shouldn’t anyone leave, we talk about building a nation that will never be one, a nation that the president is destroying singlehandedly by his “inadequate policies” as stated by Bill Gates. In most cases if you compare and contrast you’d know you’d be better off in Canada; not just employees, even employers too because I’ve even guessed several beneficial factors that someone like @evansakanno would enjoy running zegist and Cregital in Canada :grin:.


Its beyond the money…I know someone that left with double that pay.
People are leaving for a saner environment that values life. They are leaving to provide better opportunities for their kids.
Our system is sick and people are beginning to realise that no matter how well you think Nigeria is treating you, it will hit you hard one way or the other.


@evansakanno will be welcomed sharply!


I love Nigeria and really want to be part of its growth but it is very difficult. Very very difficult.


We’re in a green ship sinking steadily because of a hole in its hull.

With water filling in the lower decks fast, we realised there was no better way to survive than to each… and not without great hustle, move onto the upper decks… only to later on experience this divine epiphany that the ship was still going to sink anyways.

So we found a more brilliant solution. We’ll risk it all and jump into a neighboring ship!

The star studded blue ship is quite full and a little unfriendly these days so we’ll go for the flowery red one. It looks beautiful and really promising. For now.

We could maybe one day fix the hole in ours from there… or just wait till the fools that stayed behind get to fix it somehow.


Deep and nice illustration. :clap::clap::clap: