Can you be in a relationship without sex?

pals…be frank about this. i’v been in this relationship for over a year now. and my bae has been giving me series of excuses, that she can,t have sex with me until marriage. i dont seem to agree with her. but the truth is that i love her so much, letting her go will break me down. Please people… in my shoe, what will u do?


if you love her, you’ll be willing to wait too.

Yes I can be in a sexless relationship but its really up to my partner, if she wants that, we can do it, if she doesn’t, we can do that too. I’m good with or without sex.


Tanks Bro…
But it will make a person like me not to be faithful…

You took the words from my mouth.


the relationship you have with your sister, do you have sex? Obviously, the answer to IF we can be in a relationship without sex is YES! Oga, if you love her, you would let her be. You still have 75years to have sex, so why the rush?!!:roll_eyes:


Keep in mind you’ll still cheat whether or not y’all have sex.

There are alternatives;

Dry humping
Sex chat
Mutual masturbation

Just masturbate. You’ll be fine.


not a fair comparison bro, you don’t get a boner when your sister walks into the room do ya ?


Mind yiu, some people are celibate for the wrong reasons; like religious purity; give us a break.

Lol… What I’m saying is discipline. We have cases of incest and that means those people got boners too. Take your mind off sex, if you prefer sex to her love. Break up. Simple!!

LOL. I know sir. I’m not saying he should be celibate neither am I speaking from a religious view. What i’m saying is the underlying reason why she says no… She said, you should wait until you get married… She is using the marriage word already means she loves you and She’s considering a future where sex might just be an obstacle. So she says, wait! It’s left to you to decide what comes first, sex or her


you maybe surprised to find most women are withdrawing from pre-marital sex just cos they wanna get married sooner. These days, marriage has very little to do with love, maybe withholding sex is her way of blackmailing @megyz into marriage. So wanting to have sex with her does not mean you don’t love her.

But @megyz if you do love her, be free and honest with her, tell her your horny as fuck and if she says no, then its a test of the love you claim you have for her. Sex really is worth waiting for. Just make sure y’all share similar sexual appetite.

Personally, I don’t go for “wait till marriage” type of women and its nothing against them, I just don’t believe that crap, yes sex is worth waiting for but that just screams low sexual appetite to me and I’d rather not get into it.

To each his own.


Aptly said!



Thanks thanks…to ya all :raising_hand_man:


its been so great… i guess i will have to wait…:sweat:


calm down, you won’t die :smile:


“No sex till marriage” doesn’t automatically translate to “It’s you I want to marry”. Lol…she can marry another guy na and now have the sex finally.


To answer the question,
Yes I can be in a relationship without sex

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I don’t understand your point.

of course you can. You are a Nigerian woman, most of you are anti-sex.


You said maybe her withholding sex may be a way for her to blackmail her boyfriend to marry her.

I replied that because she said you guys won’t have sex till marriage does not mean she is seeing a future with you. So she might not be using the statement to TRAP him into marrying her soon.

She just doesn’t want to have sex before marriage (to whoever she will eventually marry)
The reasons for this her stand, I might not know

Hope you get now?