Can you be in a relationship without sex?


I get but she will still blackmail the next guy. Lets be real about it; most Nigerian say that because they fear men lose interest after sex, which is quite true.


Most men do not lose interest after sex, we lose interest because of the behavioural change in them after sex! Person wey no get mind to tell you trash wee na open her small mouth and be saying…:joy: Some become too clingy, some see that as an opportunity to extort and suppress you, some see it as a leverage for you not to even have female friends again… tchai!! why!!!:sob:


naah I think ejaculation causes men to lose interest for a brief period. When you ejaculate, the first few minutes are the worst, you feel some kinda guilt and the last thing you wanna see is the personal you did it with, hence the reason why we lose interest. Happens to the best of us.

you no well, so she was not clingy before the sex abi :joy: :joy: :joy:



Bros e, d clinging go transcend from floor one to floor 18th… eh eh… Make e con be her first time, person don finish


Hehehehehehehe :joy: :joy: :joy: Most first timers na gobe out of wedlock. The personalization no be here. I actually have a male friend who doesn’t do first timers.




I will and can definitely have a relationship without sex…

There’s more to having a happy companion than sex…

It’s not easy. It’s work but you can do it!

But if you know you’re gonna cheat, Biko end the relationship and search for the one who wouldn’t keep you waiting…

If you don’t end it now and still go on and have sex outside, this lady you love so much would or might turn to be your worst enemy as she’s gonna be heartbroken too.


Na person wey sabi be that! I avoid them for spiritual reasons o.:rofl:


That’s why some girls lie that they have done it before.
A friend of mine almost died when he mistakenly disvirgined a girl.
This girl lied. I can do 5 rounds etc. :joy::joy::joy: just for him to do and pop the cherry.

She said he mentioned casually he doesn’t do virgins so she decided to pretend kuz she wanted it.


While 100% agreement is not guaranteed in relationships, the more reason we learn to let thing’s go just so we can be happy with ourselves and our partner but this is one very important issue that one do not just let lie because it has to do with emotions and if you can not talk about this as partner’s to either agree or disagree might lead to one person doing what is not right. So I will like to ask: Are you happy since the past one year of your relationship with her? If you are very much happy even without the sex, then I think your problem is minor. You can talk about this and walk this walk of celibacy together. Secondly, do not compare anyone to have sex with you. Don’t give anyone reason why they should do what they feel they are not ready to do. Talk to her about your feelings and if she still stand by I am not having sex until marriage, please let her be and instead of cheating just walk away and tell her your reasons for walking out. Thirdly, if you really love her, I think it should be a driving force to why you should enjoy your relationship even without sex. Keep your mind, thought from sex. When you are together, engage in talks and activities that will help take your mind from seeing her seductively to the point of thinking about having sex with her. Sex is sweeter when the two parties involve are in love and have agreed to be having sex. If it’s comes out of compulsion, you won’t enjoy it .But bros,if for over a year you have loved her without sex, except if you are cheating on her which you are the only one that know,i think you can do this. Change your thoughts pattern, enjoy your relationship and if you marry her at the end of the day, she becomes yours forever and you will have countless sex without having to make anyone feel guilty or call you ugly names when it did not eventually work out.
Yes I can have a beautiful relationship without sex and it one thing me and my partner will talk about and have the same view about to avoid distrust and disagreements. I hope I am able to help you and not confuse you.


Lawd have merci. Hehehehehehehe :rofl: :rofl: it isn’t a laughing matter o. That’s why they (such guys) find ways to say it in their conversations, just in case the girl go wan do in the nearest future.

I can imagine the guy’s fear. But really ehn, things are changing. What is unacceptable by God’s standard is now acceptable by man’s standard and we would still find reasons to back up these standards.


very true


Pre-marital sex is not unique to this generation alone. Its been there since the time of Adam. Just saying.


Such girls are really evil…


Very right!!! Very very right…


My dear, that’s the world we live in o!!!


Its just on the high side with this generation.

Its no more a big deal to them anymore…


We all have failed God in one way or the other but God is too good and faithful to us despite all that we do.


your parents would have said the same thing about your generation.

do you get my point now ?


One of the devil strategies to destroy the destiny of the young ones. It is really disturbing and tiring. Our brother’s really needs to work on themselves. The devil make sex their focus and make them believe that if you don’t do it now, how do you know what you are getting yourselves into. I understand times are really changing and we can not compare our parents age to this presents age but God is still God and His words is still yes and Amen so if our parents can do it and live with it no matter how bad and awkward it were with them, I believe we can do better with what we now know and can do but the reverse is the case. It’s really disturbing.