Can you be in a relationship without sex?


Hello, please can we objective here now?

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Our brother’s really needs to work on themselves
[/quote] So our sisters do not need to work on themselves ba? Because the brothers do it with themselves ba? :triumph:


Hmmmmm… This is really true…


My mum said in her days, people used to hide and have pre marital sex. Even lie that they have not had it before.
But today, people are proud and unashamed and some even lie they have done it before when they haven’t. Probably just to feel among or something.

That’s a sharp contrast there




Yes i totally agree with this…and its disturbing…


Some lie just to prove that they have arrived or belong. While I am thankful for the thing’s I know now, I still wish I knew what I know now as a growing child and teenager.


We all always ready to work on ourselves, we only need the brother’s to help us keep our legs close. If a brother will love a sister without having to ask her to do like this or like that, the world will still be beautiful and we will not hear plenty stories and also if the brother’s can have some self control to walk away from any sister that want to do like this and like that without the thought of na she give me na or na she want am an, I think we will all still be happy. The thought of let me know what I am getting myself into is destructive. Are you God? What do you know about the future that you are already setting up a determinant factor of. I am sick and tired menh!!!



We all are tired!1 :joy:


You people are not tired. I am praying for my son’s and husband. It is not me that will marry you people​:running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man:




I know. And I agree with you…but I want to believe that back in the “time of Adam” like you put it, sex wasn’t always this ‘cheap’


lool sex has never been cheap, at least not in the real sense of what sex is. What you describe as it being so rampant these days is as a result of media expose, had people in the 1700s for example had access to cell phones and video cameras or the internet, you’d think it was rampant at the time too. get it ?


Me too O. We are praying for our daughter’s and wife… It is not me that will marry you people… :rofl::joy:


You are laughing abi? Pray well


Yes ma… I have no option o, since i want my kids speaking in tongues as early as 6-7yrs like Col Moyo’s kids…tchai! In fact, lemme go and pray


:rofl: Bros we’re praying together o!


Really?? Like religion is not reason enough to be celibate?


Is it? Explain.


But I like sex sha…


The sole purpose of sex is procreation.
But if done outside of marriage and in love, it’s a blessing and a beautiful thing.

If you want to have sex outside wedlock, have sex!
If you don’t, so be it.
But do not use your own beliefs to confuse other people, for those of us who believe in hell, just know sin is sin, there is no greater sin.
Culled from a friend.