Can You Share Your Underwear With Your Friend?


I hardly wear someone’s cloth talk more of under down wears…ha ba…I no fit share


Neevvveeerrrrrrrr!!! Noooooooo Nooooooo


I can’t oooooo


clearing my throat…seems something accidentally got stuck somewhere in my oesophagus. :grinning: Uncle Aje, you said you would have said you no dey wear boxers ooo. So, se na pants you dey wear or you prefer to be as you came into this world beneath those clothes? Cos if it’s the latter, don’t you think it’s dangerous? What if one serious emergency happens? :joy:


No na



This is cracking me up… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Na WA o… Bet why?



Random tops are a norm most times…



Your thoughts ehnnnnn…

What If breeze blow??



Hey girl, where have you been?


:joy: I prefer the Adam style ma’am. And oh yes, i had an hillarious case of an emergency happening to me once. the sordid details would leave you rolling on the floor with laughter for days…


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s the idea now, :wink:


Please share! :grinning:


@Aje please share… I’m ready to laugh… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


No way!!! It will always irritate and itch me afterwards…


Hehehehehehehe. Truly what if breeze blows, and what if ‘uncle downstairs’ decides to raise head at the sight of a pretty lady. Bros, how you wan take hide am??? That’s why you should wear boxers!!! :joy:


Happened in 2012, I was on the fellowship’s FYB committee and we needed to shop for some items at the market. I went with my president Ayeni wearing my favorite jean and a top. To save cost, we decided to pick a bike together down to the market. Being the slender of the two, i “climbed” the bike first and heard a sound, very subtle but distinct "praaaah" I felt it was a little tear and told Ayeni, he was like “but you are wearing a boxer na, it won’t be obvious”

i quickly told him i don’t wear boxers, he must have thought i was kidding besides I was the drama cord and drama and i were an inseparable twin!:joy::joy: We finally got to the market and he alighted first, trying to do the same, i heard a louder Praaaah. I could feel the cool breeze caressing me, it was a blowjob of life…:joy::joy::joy: I told him i couldn’t walk… he said i was joking but when he moved and i didn’t tag along, he knew i was serious. He started laughing and i managed to walk with my legs closed as if i had a gait… it was an experience.

We got to the store and the trader asked why i was walking funny, and i explained… He was laughing hard, he asked me to pull the trouser so he could find a tailor to sew it quickly. Ayeni was pissed off, he went ahead to shop, while i was standing naked from the waist down eating corn in the trader’s store right in the market… he helped me sew it and i was good to go…but ayeni just had to tell everyone what happened. it was an experience… nevertheless, i still continued without the boxers…:joy::joy::joy::joy:



Oh my God… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


My baby pele


You need to see me laughing!!! I couldn’t just control the laughter. The sleep for my eye don clear.
You have a way with words bro. The way you perfectly described the incident made me feel I was there when it happened. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: