Can you travel to see an e-friend (online friend)?


Have you ever travelled to see a friend you met online?
E. G. Twitter, Facebook, Zegist, Instagram, 2go😂 etc


Can You Travel to see a Friend You Met On Social Network?




Happened that I was looking to go somewhere to chill but had no place in mind. So here comes this Facebook friend I barely had chatted with since we became e-friends sending me a message. We got chatting, we clicked and I just thought, “Why not move your vacation to Calabar”. Told her I’ll be in Calabar by the next Monday, booked my flights and hotel. She could barely believe her eyes/ears. Long story short we had a good time getting to know each other but the downside? The sex was bleh. Don’t ask me for further details :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I can. It all depends on the contest of our discus online that can prompt me to do that.
When I say discus, I mean biznez only.


Why not? I met my mother the day i was born jawe!! :joy:


If it @pretyprexy I will go :grin:


Been there, done that.



Further details bruva!!!

Or shall I slide into the DM for the complete package?? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::innocent:


Sliders FC! You can like amebo sha


So only on business grounds??



It’s my profession…



Smooth criminal…Be forming boss “Been there, done that”


How was it?

Can you still do that?



Kettle calling pot black… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Young man…be serious…




Cute cute!

But ermmmmm… Why me?


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Done that time upto four times


Yes… done that couple of times


Never done that.

But if i find myself in your city i always try to hook up.

I have more online friends than in my locality…so, It’s something I always look forward to


@bigxam so you have joined.

Welcome to zegist.

@pretyprexy please help tag him on the introduction post (you get what i mean…lol).

He’s my colleague