Can you travel to see an e-friend (online friend)?


Loool! Back in the days when I was in the world. Ife (OAU), Ibadan, Abuja, Jigawa. Will stop here. Of course, all females.


Please where are you now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Earth. Old things has passed away. :laughing:


Dude why stop there na…I was following you


Lmao! I had to. Too much adventures and dares in one’s lifetime


Yes I have. I just remembered.


How did it turn out??


Turned out well.


I have never done it. Could only do it if travel brings me close to u then I could drop by briefly.

I intend visiting @Aniekan someday if I ever go that way. I have Obudu cattle ranch on my bucket list.


Still waiting babee


Never had to travel to meet an e-friend. Not sure if I still will though, the level of trust has to be really high if I intend doing so.


Not sure if i can do… Except i just need a place to cool off and have a little fun and i trust the person…


For me the answer is a capital YES. I don’t need to study her for months. In as much as she has d most important feature I needed for my life partner, I ll waste no time. Not just any woman, not every online friend, only the one I will marry.


It was a lovely experience. I would do it again if situation demands.


Awwwwwwwww… My friend is a “lover man” :heart_eyes:


My friend lives in Italy in the South of the country. And we communicate for almost two years on the Internet. And now I decided to go on a journey and finally see the country of Europe. We decided that it would be interesting to go along the most famous cities together, and then just relax in Sicily and see walking tour of taormina sicily. So soon the adventure will start!


Please do, and make sure you have “fun” and biko eat all the pasta that you can, and know you will tell me/ us how italian pizza dem taste, afterall na dem get am.


As for me and myself i can travel to go see an e-friend, its “e” that turns to physical.


Yes, I went from the US to Indonesia to meet a girl that I was talking to on Facebook. Then we traveled across Indonesia and after that, we went to China, Japan and Vietnam. Unfortunately, these were our first and last trips together. The good part is that now I have some lifetime memories. I wanted to visit Asia for a long time and this was my opportunity. For Asia, I found other travel destinations on TRAVELAZZI but the hidden places can be found by asking the natives.