CMS Class


The back-end just started misbehaving. If i’m doing a story and i try to save it or when i try to open any section in the workspace (dashboard area), it comes up with a message "Ooops… Error 404’ , Error 504 - Gateway timeout. or error establishing a database connection but if i refresh the page (once or twice), it will go back to it.


And yesterday or so, it started showing this message on the Add new post area
“Failed to load plugin url:




You might consider getting a Ntel sim or Smile. My Ntel gives me 12GB for 1K.


I live in Ibadan.

Are you joining the class or do you intend to bolt like you did last night ?


by 6 PM I am in


@NaijaLander, thanks for sharing your experience with us here.
I am having issues accessing my laptop at the moment, but will try to stay connected by following till I can join in the pratical as well.


Please @NaijaLander I may not be able to attend today’s class. I’m so sorry.


Say what??? For real. Whats the code. I have ntel sim




Can we pick this up tomorrow ? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Most Def. I understand


Lovely theme on Naija Confidential.


Thank you @Deji.




Great efforts … The good thing is, if you miss the live session, you will still be able to get along as the way you made the presentation makes it simple to follow.


Hi guys,

@debpoppy @lifeof esse @Angie @Kachie @Mira @Stella_Aanu

Lets begin.



navigate to Appearances.



Last lesson we talked about plugins.

Please questions if you have any.


Firstly, I don’t have a laptop. I saw you pointing that out as a necessity for the class.

I can still learn with my phone, right?

Good evening @NaijaLander