CMS Class


If you can follow along, fine.

Welcome @Mira


Choi, my WiFi is messing up ooo.
Airtel is wack in my area, so I can’t hotspot.
Go on anyways, I’ll try and keep up with the general “gist” via my phone.


Okay, thanks. :blush:


The Appearance button should take you to the Themes page below:

Now, any time you install a fresh WP on your website, there is sample dummy theme installed by default. Theme is another word for template, the back end guys call it a template, the front end guys call it a theme.

So after you download your WP Template, you come here to install it by clicking the Add New button.

@Angie, @Mira


Wait o… I think I’m really lost here.

Haven’t activated the link you sent to me yet.

My days have not been so wonderful lately so I haven’t participated in the class yet.

Let me activate the link and try to catch up with the lessons.

I will ask questions where I don’t understand. Keep teaching.


When you click Add New, it brings you here:

You have 2 choices:

  • Upload a theme you maybe downloaded for free here or another one you legit bought here

  • Pick one from the list below.

Your theme should be in a .rar, if you are using one you downloaded for free, you may have to drill into the folder to get the stuff (dummy data, extra copies of the same theme) out of the folder. You can then archive it (convert to .rar or zip or .tar.gz, etc) and upload here.


@NaijaLander I want a private class


That’ll cost you ma’am :cowboy_hat_face:


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@Mira @Angie @lifeofesse @Kachie @debpoppy

Click on Customize submenu button. It will take you here:

Here you modify the appearance of your now website.

@Angie can you do a class work for us ?


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You can a theme $20 - $50 I think or you can “borrow” one here or any other website you find online. The latter has a risk of coming with a Trojan.


Never mind. You are not enthusiastic enough.




Tis not true o…


Here you can change the logo, layout of your pages, create menus and submenus, add widgets to your page, modify fonts, connect your site to your Facebook or Twitter page, etc.


So @Angie, @Mira, @Kachie, @lifeofesse, @debpoppy, @Stella_Aanu

Click on the Widgets submenu button to manage your available Widgets.

A widget is just a tiny application that does something on your webpage and you can see it, a plugin on the other hand, you won’t see. So you essentially download a widget same way you download a plugin but you manage your widget here.


I haven’t decided.

Which do you prefer ?


Lemme discuss with @theunofficialomotayo :running_woman: