CMS Class


@NaijaLander, although I am lost, I am seeing so many difference from the dash board here and when I log into a normal wordpress blog. Is it becos its not been hosted yet? So sorry to ask this, didnt intend to derail in any way


Please what does “Footer” mean here?


I’m logged in as an Administrator, you are probably logged in as a subscriber. Subscribers do not have this level of access, only admins do.


A footer is the base of your web page <footer>.


Follow the lecture from the beginning.


Thank you bros. Clarified. I now have my system worked on so if you dont mind adding me so i can flow better.


WP Menus:

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Click the Menu submenu button to manage Menus.


DM me your email address.


Done. Thank you.


Click here to create new menu

Drill down here to add items to your menu. A menu may contain any combination of either a page, a category (we will discuss more later, a post or a custom link.


Use the Save Menu button to save changes. You manage menu locations below:

You can create a menu and fix in your site’s footer for example.

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Oya let’s discuss in the inner chamber. @NaijaLander please wait outside.

Oh and before I forget, nice work you’re doing here @NaijaLander


@debpoppy @Angie @Alfred @Kachie @lifeofesse @Mira @Stella_Aanu

Below, I have clicked the Editor button, this alert message is important, it warns me not to make edits on my WP theme on the dashboard.

We won’t procees any further, this part is for the guys that know how to write code like @Angie.


Thank you @theunofficialomotayo


Lol… code writer sha, You just knew that I will want to ask about the CSS part, but I will refrain…for now…

Oya, biko what is cild theme?


A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme.


Ahan, Funsho I am just seeing this o, has the class started already?


Yes it has. Drop him a direct message to know next steps


Hi Guys. If i am to charge to build a Job Portal. How much do you think is appropriate and the time frame to be completed. @evansakanno @theunofficialomotayo @Yeye @NaijaLander @KolapoImam


Depends on the specs.


something of this nature.