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You should find a suitable template here.

Buy the theme (if you can’t afford it, just include it in the quote for your client).

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Thank you Sir


Well, you charge based on how you worth the value you’re bringing to your client’s business through your service, you also factor in how much value/impact the website is going to have on your client’s business. You have to be honest in valuing your level of competence too. Don’t forget to add in your cost of man hours to be spent on the project, cost of power, cost of internet, maybe a very discounted cost to cover for support over a specified period of time too.

Before you jump to purchase a theme, design a wireframe and/or mockup of the intended theme (of course after adapting it to the business’ needs). Again, don’t jump to design anything until you have fully discussed the paper work/money bit and an agreement has been reached. For me, I like to have them pay committal fees (65% of the agreed sum) before lifting a finger or thinking much about the project to avoid wasting my time and efforts. Again, I do this for small businesses /individuals only. Bigger corporations are more reliable once your invoice has been discussed and approved.


much appreciated. Will surely adopt all these. Most especially the mockup part. I once did a website for a corporate startup. The client reverted with issues of colours and address appearing at the top bar.