CMS Class


No class again???


im interested


Hi Guys,

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for not showing up for the class. Something urgent came around the same time.

If you are still interested in the class, kindly notify me in time before next Saturday.

Again, my sincerest apologies.



Your dedication to this is highly commendable :blush:


thank you @Yeye


@NaijaLander, hope there wont be too much coding o.


oh no, none at all. Mostly copying and pasting, researching, some little configurations here and there.

I think by the end of the class, you’ll realize how easy (yet stressful), content creation and management is.


Please I’m interested in the next class.


Awesome @Kachie.

Can you do 6 pm everyday?


Yes I can.


Alright. We can start 6 pm today or tomorrow. You choose.


If it’s okay by you, today is great.


Alright 6 pm it is.

Ready your laptop and internet access.


Thank you.


Thank you.


AHHH. Thank God all is well. I am interested. I was staring at my system last Saturday but no show. Please when is the next class???


Is this meant for everyone or juts @Kachie personal class?


6pm today. Cool. Do we need to get any software installed before then. @NaijaLander


lol. you can shaa find trouble…Babe issa public thread nah. Its for everyone who is interested.


Internet access is fine for now.