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No na. Issa innocent question o


Hi fellow students!

@debpoppy @lifeofesse @Kachie

Welcome to the CMS Class. If your wondering, CMS is acronym for Content Management System.

So a CMS is web based application which enables content gurus (you guys :slight_smile: ), manage your content better.A CMS is also a website management system, it helps website owners create their website and manage it.

A good example of a CMS is Wordpress.

Above is the dashboard for my website. It’s called Naija Confidential. It is dormant at the moment and I thought we could play around with it for this class.

Now, kindly DM me your email addresses, I do not intend to SPAM you, I simply want to create a user for you guys on my website so we can make use of them for the purposes of this class.

Welcome and I look forward to learning more from you guys.


@Angie please join us if you don’t mind.

@debpoppy @Kachie, I’m ready when you are.



I am here!


Welcome @debpoppy. Do that :point_up_2:t6:




Alright @debpoppy @Angie @lifeofesse I made a mistake on the link earlier.

its /wp-admin not /wp-login

Are we in? Let’s wait for @Kachie.




Sorry I’m late…


Sorry I’m late…


Welcome @Kachie, do that :point_up_2:t6::point_up_2:t6:

@lifeofesse have you been able to login ?


Yes i have.



Please my DM is acting funny… This is my email address:


Great work @lifeofesse. You are now at the dashboard.

@Angie @debpoppy Please paste a screen shot of your dashboard. Thanks.


You will sha slide into my DM one day :smiley:


Oya check your DM :smiley:


DM slider… your sledge aint working?

Ehen, back to my business o


You see why I like you? :joy::joy: