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:joy::joy: izzin d blood.


@debpoppy, @Kachie. A screenshot of your dashboard please…

Before we continue, is anyone here familiar with Wordpress? Maybe when you were blogging…





Log out and log in. I made a mistake with your user config.



Maami this your browser theme is calling me


Please forward the link i should use.


I’ve seen it… I’m attaching a screenshot in a couple of minutes. Please I’m using my phone, I’m not yet home.


Awwwwn. Thanks. It is a chrome extension.


Same here o. And laptop about to die sef.


oh alright cool.

Just join us when you get home.


Not at all


Alright so now that we are all in; @debpoppy @Angie @lifeofesse @debpoppy

Cource Text: WP Beginner

What you see is called a dashboard.

Let us talk about the internet.


I am in now… I think


So the internet is actually a network of computer (like your laptop of a huge server) all over the world, interconnected to each other and available to anyone on the planet.


Please why does my dashboard look different? It says sorry i do not have…


So the internet is a virtual world. This virtual world has virtual land, this land is what call a website, like @Zegist.


Your on mobile. Click the menu button on the left to reveal your user panel.


Migrating to phone now


So @Angie has been taking a web designing class, writing code n stuff and she can testify to how difficult it is, the attention to detail needed is insane.

That is why we make use of something called a Template when creating a website of our own.

A template is a sample dummy website that has been created so what you as the owner of the site is replace the content in the template with yours and customize it in other ways as we shall see shortly.

Does this make sense? @lifeofesse @Kachie @Angie @depoppy