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So a Template varies according to the CMS. Other CMSs include Joomla, Drupal, etc. So if you want to create a website on Joomla’s platform, you buy and download a Joomla temlate but if you a Wordpress person like me, you’d go for a Wordpress website.

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Yes it does. So one doesn’t need to do the whole coding from the scratch right?


You can move to mobile if your laptop is down.


Exactly. However it also depends on the functionality you want for your site. Some customizations require extra coding so it does not always relieve you of the coding but if it’s a basic site, your good to go.


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Yes it makes sense.


Alright so now. Does anyone here know how to purchase land (a domain) on the internet ? :smiley:

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No. I don’t know how to do that.


Nope. Never done it, never tried it. I have however tried to create a website once on wixsite but that thing is damn too confusing


Perfect sense


Yes. I did buy one time on


I will surely give a testimony when I eventually create a website.



Now to purchasing space for your site requires you to approach a website hosting service provider. Examples in Nigeria are WhoGoHost & RegisterAm.

So like @lifeofesse, I went to whogohost and purchased You buy a domain name and hosting. You can buy the domain name but you have to host it to make into a site.

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Hmmm. Never heard of RegisterAm. Thanks @NaijaLander


After you pay for domain and hosting, your hosting service provider sends you details to something called a cpanel. This is what the cpanel of my site looks life. The cpanel is the first layer on your site’s backend, before CMSs came, you came to the cpanel and uploaded your site (@Angie you upload your htm and css files here)

Now I will show you how to install Wordpress to your cpanel.




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