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What’s that autoresponders for?


Automatically responds to yiur mails I guess


Please which folder exactly?


So at the bottom of the cpanel, you find this section “softaculous”. This is where you install whichever CMS or Framework (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) you want to use for your site. Yes you can install more than one but they have to be on different urls (will check and get back to you).

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Let’s discuss this in web designing class.


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After installing wordpress, we use this link <our-website>/wp-admin to take us to our login page.

We use our username and password to login and boom! we have the dashboard.

Let us discuss each item on the dashboard.


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Let us start from the bottom, @Kachie @debpoppy @lifeofesse @Angie please click Settings in the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

It will take you to the general settings page.




I’ll have to log in again. Please hold on. I am using my phone now


@Kachie @debpoppy @lifeofesse @Angie The general settings page is where you set some basic settings:

Site Title which is what you see here


The tagline - Also comes after the title on the browser

Wordpress URL
New User Default Role
Site URL
Email Address
Date format





The Settings menu has a submenu


These are more settings.

So as you can see this class may take a while so may I suggest we have our laptops ready for the next class :slight_smile:

Anyway, we go to Writing to set posting methods and so on, Reading settings on what a page on the sote may look like, etc.

Hope am not going too fast.


You are doing just fine!


Pace looks good to me