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I’m so in.


Awesome. I think I need you guys to respond to every note with a nod.

Also ask questions.


Welcome @KolapoImam, I shall use you as an example. @lifeofesse, please create a user for @KolapoImam using this email. DM him his password, username should be “kolapoimam” First Name Kolapo Surname Imam.

Watch guys, @Kachie @Angie @debpoppy how to create a user.


@KolapoImam please post a screenshot of your dashboard when your logged in.


Wow. that’s great.
Thanks so much @NaijaLander for this great deal.


I refrained from actual replies, only so this thread will be as “short as possible”. I “like” instead,


You are most welcome brother. Please follow the lesson from up there, in case you missed anything. :point_up_2:t6::point_up_2:t6:




Ok while they create @KolapoImam’ s user, we can wait for @Kachie & @debpoppy’s nod.


Ahn ahn". @lifeofesse just did abracadaba :smiley:


Oya @KolapoImam Login. :laughing:


@lifeofesse would you like to explain how you did it. @Angie, hover over the User menu, you should see an option for Add User


Nod Sorry I can’t find an emoji for nod. :smile:




same here :joy:


Move cursor to User section on the panel, A flyout menu appeared. I clicked on Add New.

Then the ‘Add New’ user form appeared. I filled it up with the details you gave me and submitted.


Alright @Angie, there you have it. Very detailed @lifeofesse I like :+1:t6::+1:t6::+1:t6:


The way we navigate the internet is via something called a Search Engine. We use it to find what we want online. More often than not, what we want is given to us by a website whether its to buy a new phone or learn new stuff or listen to music, websites have it.

Alright so we have millions of website online and you can imagine most of them compete for more or less the same audience because they have similar content. Content is stuff Videos, Images, Articles(documents) & Audio.

So your website can be found easily, it is advisable that you ensure that the permalink (the link to content in your site) is readable and relatable to what the site is about.

If you click on Permalink in the Settings submenu, you will see what I mean.


Thanks @lifeofesse


Alright let’s click on Tools.

@Kachie @Angie @lifeofesse @debpoppy -------------->(I think we lost her )