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Prolly her phone



Ok. So in Tools, the short story of it that it’s for importing and exporting content. You can convert your data --> maybe a category on your site into another website and vice versa.

It’s some pretty cool stuff, you can check it out later (not on this site :imp:)

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I’ll skip the class on Users lool

So in Plugins.

A plugin is like a piece of code that does extra special stuff to your site. It could be a better looking contact form, something to auto delete spam email, an interface with mobile payment options for your site, e-commerce options, search engine optimization, etc.

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You can Activate a Plugin, Dsiable it or edit it. We will see more later

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Ok guys I think I’ll have to close for today.

Let’s resume tomorrow.

I hope that’s fine.


Is this is a way of screaming at us?:joy:


Yeah it’s fine… I’ll be more settled tomorrow. Thanks a lot for today’s lecture.


Yes & that :point_up_2:t6:& my battery finally gave in.


More than fine.
Thank you so much @NaijaLander


:clap::clap::clap::clap:: Nice class


Hello @NaijaLander sorry to deviate from the thread/topic but I’m having an issue with a WordPress website and when i contacted the web host company, i was asked to “optimize the website to resolve this issue as your I/O usage is very high”. I have no idea what that means because I know nothing about web dev. and the likes. Thanks


what is the issue you have with the site?


Hi guys,

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I need us to come up with a time table for this class. A day in which everybody will be available with their laptops and internet access.

Also, I don’t encourage taking the class on a mobile phone because you may not be able to follow the class smoothly.

So let us all agree on a time table and get our laptops and internet access ready.



I think you need to upgrade your space. If you had purchased 4GB, consider upgrading to say 10GB.


I could use my break period at work. 1-2pm


Noted. May not be a good time for me.


Whatever your time is… i am sure i can adjust


Same here @NaijaLander



Let’s go with 6 pm everyday.
Please let us ensure we have our laptops and at least 300MB data.


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