Contractual Marriage vs Covenant Marriage


So I’m just here thinking about the possibilities of a contractual marriage and how it may just be the way forward considering the evolving value system in our society. This is not to imply that covenantal marriages no longer work. It’s more of a “What rocks my boat” kinda thing.

What do you think? @zegisters


This topic stemmed from a conversation I had with someone about marriages and how a lot of people are failing in their marital roles. It is quite interesting how people in this part of the world will wade off certain issues when raised all in the name of “after all he’s the father of your children/she’s the mother of your children”


What’s the difference between a Contractual Marriage and a Covenant Marriage?


Thank God o because i was thinking i was dull for not knowing the difference…
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A covenantal marriage is usually one that is based on religious and/or traditional rites/mediocrity (and every other thing you know about regular marriages in our society)

A contractual marriage on the other end, is one that involves both partners agreeing on what terms by which the marriage will exist and for what duration the marriage is to exist after which they could both decide to either continue or split ways. In this situation, they are primarily bound by the terms of their agreement and not “for better or worse” asis found in covenantal marriages. If one party fails unapologetically to the agreed terms, they can easily seek a dissolution and go separate ways without the hassles that come with the traditional type of marriage.


This contractual marriage is the one you can use to attain green card abi citizenship in oyibo people land.
In essence you do not like the convenantal one because of all the “mediocrity” attached
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define mediocrity in this context.


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Since when did we start making marriage seem like a business transaction. We’re getting it all wrong!! Our generation is doomed!


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