Could this be just a dream or a calling to save?



And again i cried, losing my voice to the thin air while she stared at me in unbelief.

Again, this dream is here. It’s the third time now and I’m rather too convinced I’m relevant to the kingdom of God and shouldn’t waste time anymore. That song made me hit my chest, saying repeatedly “I’m going to preach the gospel of God to the world”. It’s now a dream that scares me. I’m afraid i might be endangering so many if i don’t tell it to them nor publish it so they see. Oh Lord, help me!

This time, i ran for my dear skin, away from the terror of the man all dressed in funny clothing, in the name of masquerade festival. Everyone ran away from his slim “kpankere”(cane) that could cause your brain 5 mins of relapse if it greased your skin. “Oh Lord”, i screamed, with anger i further muttered, " Let this masquerade not find me here where I’m hiding ".

I took the baby i was carrying as a shield since it’s believed a masquerade won’t hurt a baby neither would it hurt a person carrying a baby. I remember seeing him flog my sister with his kpankere and for her, that made it into a diary, with the perfect title “my five minutes of madness”.

Minutes passed, the environment was back to serenity and it was time to hit the road. I was hiding inside a woman’s shop, where she sold clothes. I knew her but haven’t met her in real life. She had a protruding stomach that had the scar of a baby’s leg.

In shock " madam you are still heavy". She smiled and asked me to sit, which i did as i got ready to listen attentively to whatever she had to say.

"I would have been delivered of this child but she wants to kill me. I have to carry her in my stomach for what feels like forever since she would die if she’s brought forth ", she said smiling without remorse. I understood behind the smiles laid a depressed soul that questioned God’s love for her.

Without hesitation i asked “why would she die”. She finally dropped a tear and quickly cleaned her eyes saying “she *****”. I really can’t place what she said but i remember the child had an issue with having to breath on her own. This situation made me bitter. Not cause the baby would die nor cause of the situation. But because the conclusion was faulty and could be charged but because of unbelief, it was ok to say “the doctor said…”.

Immediately, without permission, i placed my hand on a stomach and said a word of prayer “You’ve got the life of God in you, You are filled with the breath of God…” My voice faded into blasting of tongues.

The woman began to struggle with my hand and i shook my head in disagreement with what she was doing but i didn’t blame her because; Firstly, i didn’t seek her permission before placing my hand on a pregnant “Nigerian woman”. I guess someone most have taught her that whoever does that is trying to kill her baby. Secondly, baby was filled with the God life and was ready to be born, so her response to my prayer was turbulent but i got the message.

Soon i concluded my prayer, i opened my eyes and asked her how she knew about her baby’s health. She pointed at the baby i was holding few minutes back and said “that’s her twin brother, the doctor had to leave her in me for few more months so she could grow and have her own breath. He tampered with my womb in the process…”, i cut her short.

“He touched me, He touched me, something happened and now i know He touched me and made me whole…” i sang out loud and then asked her “do you know that song?”. She nodded in agreement as i asked her to sing it out loud… Then i prayed for her and ministered salvation unto her.

In my words, “God’s loves you too much, He gave His only begotten son for your sake. He knew what His son was going to pay for. He that knew no sin was made sin. He was disfigured for your sake. He paid the price in full. He was made unworthy just so you could be worth. When He was nailed to the cross, all manner of illnesses, diseases, infections was attached to Him. All the grieve, depression, sorrows, you ought to feel was put on Him. Isaiah 53:1-3. But of course, this is for the believers. For with thy heart shall you believe and with thy mouth shall you confess that Jesus is Lord and you’d be saved”.

For the righteous, eternal life is yours. " Here’s a prayer for you to say out loud… “O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He’s alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, I have eternal life; I’m born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! I’m now a child of God”. I opened my eyes to find her staring with tears built up ready to unleash.

I leaned backwards and cried cause she was ignorant of the word of God for her and her situation. I cried till all i could see from reality was me crying without a voice… I turned back into reality and here’s a piece born out of my dream.

Only the wise would believe in this FOOLISHNESS OF PREACHING.