Could This Be Love?


Last week I went to the hospital for check up and I was asked to go for X-ray and come today to see my doctor so I went to book an appointment in the Xray department. I met this guy, a bit taller than myself and dark in complexion. He’s built just the kind of guy I’d love to date and would be proud to go out with any day anytime.
I told him about booking the appointment for this week and he said OK, that I should come today as he’ll be the one on duty and he’ll attend to me. I thanked him and left. Never really bothered about him till today but I was looking forward to meeting him today as he promised to be of help.
Today I went to the hospital and on getting there, I couldn’t find him, so I met someone else who took the file and was about working it out when I sight prince charming on the other side of the office attending to people and immediately he saw me, we shook hands and I told him I never knew he was around as he promised to help today to make the process faster so I could see my doctor with the report. He said OK, and then took the card from the other guy, asked me to wait and quickly attended to the files on his table and the people left.
He then walked up to me collected the money I was to pay for the xray went to revenue and you know as a staff there’s always preferential treatment. He paid the money and followed me to the xray department and spoke with the colleagues there and before you know it I was attended to. During this whole period there was this flow between us like we’ve know each other for a very long time. People who saw us walking together were kinda ** you understand that gbeboro kinda way na** finally after the xray was done, he brought the result and asked me to go see my doctor as we’ll see when am done. I was so excited but didn’t really know what to say caused the so much excitement.
I went to see my doctor and on getting there I discovered it was already my turn to see the doctor and before you know it, I was done and the doctor gave me 6months break before coming for another appointment. I said thank you sir to him and left but in my mind I was like *** who send this man now, did I tell you I was tired of coming here*** how I wan come take dey see this bobo now? Well, when the doctor has spoken, who am I to change it?
That was how I went to book appointment for 6months time and quickly ran to My new found friend’s office. On getting there, he wasn’t on seat but immediately his colleagues saw me they quickly told me to wait for him that he’s coming. But I be never tell them who I dey find o
While waiting I decided to take a stroll and right in front of me is who am looking for, he was attending to patients who were collecting their xray results. He asked me to wait and I waited, then one of his colleague who went to look for him came and said he couldn’t find him but on getting there he met us talking and quickly left with smile on his face.
Now bros was through attending to patients and help my hand while we walked out together, he wasn’t saying anything and me didn’t want it to look like I was stocking him my thought though* I quickly broke the silence thanked him for his time and that the doctor has given me six months Holiday before coming to the hospital again. So I told him thank you again and I left. He said OK, and was looking at me but in my mind I was like " talk na, but he no gree talk anything and now am arguing with myself if am just the one admiring him and him not really seeing anything. What should I do, my pride no go even let me tell man say I like am lie lie. I just tire


Lol…I love this story mehn!! But to me ya just in love at first sight or should I say you’re crushing. He might too,but some men don’t like casting themselves to ladies on first meet,probably he thought twas too early to exchange digits or get familiar. Don’t worry July will soon reach,the story must change to your advantage. Can I hear an amen?! Lol.


Ameeeen. Lol


Confam…wedding rice activated. @pretyprexy pls take note. :grinning:


hahahaahaa… Could be mere attraction that would go away soon or love but maybe not meant for that time…

Another way to view this, it could be an opportunity to shoot your shot. ask him for his number and just develop friendship…


You said it all. 2018 OUR YEAR OF SHOOTING SHOTS


Yeah… That’s it…


Hmmmmmmmm. Shame no let me o. He was suppose to ask na


But July far sha o


I understand jare…


It’s my month tho :see_no_evil:
See ehn,the way and rate at which July wee appear ehn,you sef will be amazed. Or see ehn,maybe you form one thing one thing like that,so that you’ll be able to visit the clinic again. How about that?


Am actually thinking of that o. Just go there form say I come greet patient for hospital


Confam! But it won’t make sense o,unless you really know someone who’s in the hospital. Go there and form sth is doing you. But if he works on shifts? But don’t go to soon, so it won’t be suspicious. You get shey?


Yes, I understand. Thanks boo


Please look well before shooting, so that your feelings don’t end up land crashing.


True talk…


Try to get his digit, then tell him you just want to be his friend due to his nice gesture. Then leave the rest to him


Thanks. I’ll do that


Abi oh… If you need it, go get it! Highest, he will reject and laugh… You sha won’t die…


No one can decipher what he has in mind…one really need to be careful…that’s my suggestion