Couples Who Dated For 6 Years, Got Married and Broke Up After 6Months


A twitter user Nigerian Gatsby shared the story of how his friend’s marriage ended barely 6 months after they got married, despite the fact that they dated for 6years.

Here are his words:
Hmmmm… Wedding that we rocked in March abi April has now jammed rock. I don’t know anymore. This one is a bit crazy.
These guys were together for almost 6years before wedding and barely 6 months down the line…Man!! This is heartbreaking sha…
Wedding 2

Its truely not about how far but how well!!


Na wa! Different strokes for different folks…


reminds of that time I dated 1 woman all through my college years and still broke up with her.

e dey happen.


I’ve never been a fan of long term relationships. Duration of knowing each other or dating doesn’t automatically guarantee a happy and successful marriage


They have used up all the sauce and sweetness during relationship, there was nothing left to build marriage on.

People should stop assuming that if they spend a million years dating , marriage will be child’s play.

I tell people that the number of years you’ve known someone doesn’t guarantee if friendship/relationship will be strong or not…


so were they breaking during their dating years. it is well


True tho… Some people have dated for this same number of years and they are still blossoming… even more. The thing is, don’t finish all the juice and sauce in the relationship… Always give your patner something to look forward to.


Its hilarious.Dating for 6yrs, for wat. Haba. Its too much.During courtship couples talk a lot but these days they touch more than talk. But if u ask me? I think village pipu, av a hand.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Better leave those people alone o