Court Restricts Tonto Dikeh From Featuring Son On Her New Reality Show

The Lagos State Magistrate Court yesterday issued an order of injunction restricting Tonto Dikeh from getting her son involved in a reality show she is about to shoot on Linda Ikeji’s TV.

The court declared that there should be no form of airing, showing, disseminating or broadcasting through any form of broadcast media or social media channels the person, face, image or picture of King Andrea Omodayo Igo Churchill on the new reality Show titled King Tonto Reality TV which would be produced by Linda Ikeji Media pending further hearing of the originating motion in suit.

The case was brought up by the father Mr Olakunle Churchill seeking to protect him from undue indecent exposure and exploitation by the mother for personal gain and fame after been in a legal battle with her over the right of featuring their son on the show which is obviously an adult content filled show. According to him, Andrea is regarded as a minor not fit to make desicions for himself.
The decision of the court is a legal victory for the applicant King Andrea filed on behalf of his father to save the kid of any embarrassment in future…

  • In your opinion, Should little children really be allowed to participate in reality TV shows?
  • Was this a perfect decision to make for the child?
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Participate in “Kids reality TV shows”, YES!
But more of adult content filmed show,NO!.. She should just stop sulking over her failed marriage and move on without damaging her estranged husband’s image and that of his family. She should be mature for once,crying over the net how she’s a Christ Freak isn’t reflecting in her actions as well.
Was she going to name it " Keeping up with Tonto Dikeh?" Sighs.

Hell no,it’s not the perfect decision. To me,she’s instigating hatred to her son over his father and it’s not fair. Broken marriage between parents shouldn’t be the ultimatum to sidelining a minor to favor one and not both parties. What will she gain from all these? Sympathies? She shouldn’t forget that most Nigerians don’t have the patience to be sympathetic all the time. Or is it fame? She shouldn’t stress much,UNICEF won’t notice her. Alaseju!!

This her matter sef…as for Linda Ikeji, I reserve my comment.


The father knows there is a possibility of a reunion and doing what is expected of him … TD on the other hand is still behaving like she is expected to do … Do all you can to get as much attention that you get so he can know that she is not lonely and enjoying her life … Even at the future expense of Andrea.
She has enjoyed a portion of her life … Andrea shouldn’t not grow into a waiting burden in the future as internet never forgets.


:joy::joy: I think the title of the show is “King Tonto Reality TV”

That’s just all i see… She is out to shade the father again and the son would grow up seeing the father as a bad person.

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That’s just the fact… They should go about their adult business without inviting this child into it… Atleast, they can try to pretend as loving parents in the face of the child…


Yes they should avoid disturbing the peace of that young diamond.

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