Cregital at 3 🎉


Yaaay! :confetti_ball: congrats to all of us!

So I feel like I need to say something witty to standout and get picked but I’m just slow today. :smirk:

Anyways I want in on the party :sob:


You don’t even need to inform us. We already know :joy:

@Monique, you should know that you, @jesseosiobe, @Gfather (before before), and Isaiah are always automatically on Cregital’s list :joy:


Congrats Guys. How I wish I could get more involved with the stories and contribute much more. @Yeye, nice job you doing. @evansakanno boss, great Job Sir and everyone in the team.


Ahn ahn :raised_hands:t5:
Preh Preh!
It’s so good to have you here :smile:

@Tayo, please help me officially welcome this special person to Zegist :grin:


Happy Cregiversary!!! :tada::tada::tada:


Boss @Hrmkaiye What’s good?
I hail o :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Congratulations!!! @Cregital


Congratulations my people @Cregital greater heights now and always


Thank you


You’re welcome ma :joy::joy:




Congratulation @Cregital - happy birthday!!!


Congratulobia Cregital, better days ahead.


Happy birthday in advance CREGITAL.
Keep soaring!!!


It’s in advance dear. You are not late to the party yet. :wink:


See my life! I had other thoughts in mind when I was typing.

Thanks jawe.


Now is the set time for me to get to meet some lovely hearts and mind.
I would love to be there o - @Mira !


why is he screaming my name? :joy::joy:

You will meet @Yeye @evansakanno @Monique @AdebsAlert @atynukeh @habeebsanni @TundeMason @afolabiabass @ogeh47 and the rest.


Congratulations @Cregital


Congratulations guys. Here’s to wishing you more success-filled years to come. :crown::crown: