Cultural practices trend

I am from Isunjaba LG, Imo state and in my part of Isunjaba, some cultural practices are.

  1. We must not pluck cherry fruit, we wait for the time to drop. Anyone one who plucks will buy one life chicken for each fruit.
  2. We are not allowed to kill a python for its believed to have saved our forefathers in the war. Any Python killed must be married and celebrated like the human burial.
  3. Borehole cannot be dug in my village. no matter how deep you go, you can not get water.

Let’s hear yours ?


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Whenever you guys wake up, come and exposé your village people here o

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Till today? Has anyone tried and they didn’t succeed?

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Even the whites tried, no show

We usually build a reservoir tank and wait for every raining season

Really? Wow

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are this for real? omo!! your village dey fear me oo :ok_man::running_man::running_man:

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:joy: :joy: it’s actually a safe place

Your village people tho. I can relate with number one and given my time on the farm the cherry is juicier when it falls off the tree. The fruit’s connecting stem weakens when it’s ripe hence the fruit falling.

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My village people nor know me,me too nor know its balanced

I nor know them oooo


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s good o